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Mr & Mrs 'I Love You' - Wedding Shoes

Apologies for there being such a long delay between my last Christmas post and now, as the same as many it has been a very busy time. For my first blog of 2016 I thought I would dedicate to all the newly engaged ladies looking for something a little different when it comes to wedding shoes.

Now on my behalf I must admit these were very much an impulse buy, as I was not getting married when I purchased them and they have now been relocated to their forever home for one lovely lady to get married in.

They were originally released in three different style of uppers with a character heel of a Bride and Groom, they have since been released later in 2015 with a Bride and Bride heel which was a great addition to the collection.

I purchased these in my normal size of an UK 6.5 (EU40) and they fit perfectly. I wouldn't suggest sizing up or down in these if you have other Irregular Choice shoes stick with your original size.

 At first wear these were very comfortable, and seemed like a great wear or your big day. The strap over the top helps secure them on your feet so you don't feel like they are going to slip off at any point which is essential for prolonged wear. 

These would definitely be a stand out for any wedding day. The detail on the uppers is second to none and the photos really don't do them any justice. The stitching and buttons are beautiful and this is what persuaded me to buy these over the other two designs available.

In short, if you love something different and are prepared for everyone to be talking about your shoes all day then these are a must for any wedding day.

Next week Irregular Choice releases their flamingo character heels so expect a review later next week.

Thanks Again for reading.

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