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Misty Reins - Colour Trio

Today I'm going to talk about one of Irregular Choice's most sought after trainers (or so it seems). Misty Reins were the first time I really sat up and took note of the ICED range or the Irregular Choice trainers range as they seem to call them now. I wasn't ever really a fan of paying high prices for flat shoes because in my mind they were not worth the same value of the heels. Admittedly now I own a couple of pairs and my opinion has started to change somewhat.

Unicorns are always going to be popular no matter what you put them on and these are no exception at all, there isn't a day go by when people are not asking where they can find a pair or looking for size advice and hopefully this blog will help to the best of my ability. 

I find it slightly difficult to talk about Mistys because they always seem to come with a little bit of a love/hate relationship as I'm sure is the same for many ladies who have bought them before me. It's all to do with the irregular sizing which I will go onto and talk about later. 

There have been many slight redesigns with these shoes always keeping them fresh and up to date so they don't become too samey. They originally came in just pink and black, then after some time we were introduced to the blue, which I feel adds nicely to the collection.

The pink pair you can see are from an older series, which came with hearts splattered all over the pink, then follows the black, a little later than the hearts as they have changed to dots, and finally the blue to complete the colour trio. There has been a slight redesign again from these, but I prefer the more fabric pairs to the leather look.

The photos really don't do the detail on the unicorn any justice, they are simply stunning, using a mix of my favourite fabrics so they stand out but don't look too garish, they are beautiful. It looks to be the same design for the unicorn if you have 'Tall Tails' or the 'King of the Castle' bag. They are finished off with the lovely detailing around the edge of your foot which tops everything off nicely.

Now onto the most complicated sizing guide ever, and I must stress this time it is only a guide. As you might know I am always a UK 6.5 (EU40) in Irregular Choice and don't really believe in sizing up, so bought my first pink pair in a 40. While I could get my feet in them they were too tight and unbearable with socks, so I needed a 41. Moving onto the black pair, which I ordered in a 41 to replace the pink pair, now they fit, but my right foot is tight and I would be dubious about being able to wear socks with them and will need to wear them in a little and hope that they loosen off. This is the same with the blue pair, I must have one foot that is bigger than the other which I was unaware off because they fit the same as the black unless any of you ladies have had the same problem.

To recap, size up size up size up. Always go up one size, but I have heard some ladies having to go up two which is extremely disappointing. Ladies with wide feet, the material is stiff and challenging to get your feet in when new so I personally wouldn't recommend these, as I don't have wide feet and still struggle. Try before you buy (where possible) with these, it will save you a world of disappointment and returns. 

When (if) you finally get them on they do seem like they would be a comfy shoe, fit aside, the black feels soft enough not to give you blisters which is always nice, and they seem like once broken in they would be a very nice everyday shoe.

They really are beautiful and should be something that can be worn everyday to add a little bit of magic to everyday outing, its extremely disappointing that IC have gotten the sizing so wrong with these, fingers crossed they can fix the sizing issue with the next batch which will make them all the more appealing, to an already gorgeous shoe.

I would really like you to get in touch with me on this one, do you have a pair and what was the sizing and quality like for you? I want to give the best advice I can so would love to hear all your stories if you own a pair.

Thanks once again for reading.

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