Magical Maui - Irregular Choice Aloha Hula Collection

Welcome along to our EXCLUSIVE first look at the Magical Maui shoes and the Hula Dreams bag from the new Aloha Hula collection by Irregular Choice. 

The collection has launched just a few minuets ago,  so we wanted to give you the first look and all important information to help you make up your mind. During this review we will have all the important sizing advice, heel height info and some real life detailed pictures for you see all the little highlights close up.

This collection comes as one of the last big launches for spring/summer 2018, it seems almost over in a whirlwind, but what better way to end the collection than with a brand new character heel. For this launch we see three different styles in a variety of colours making nine new pairs of shoes and one brand new handbag.

Now lets get onto the shoes. I think everyone knows that I love a character heel. My collection is mostly outrageous heels so something like this fits in perfectly. The heel itself is a beautiful Hawaiian hula girl in full dress with guitar. I always get ridiculously excited when a new character heel comes into town as they are the reason my passion for Irregular Choice started.

Like previous Disney launches, this heel is actually a design based around a traditional heel rather that the whole heel itself being a shape. At first launches I had mixed opinions about this, but as I have seen more and more designs done in this style, and the fact that Irregular Choice are still willing to make full character heels, I think it is a great addition to the collection. From the back you would never know that there is a traditional heel behind it, and I think it opens so many doors design wise to be able to create beautiful slender character heels that still feel secure and stable.

Our lovely Hawaiian lady comes with full grass skirt which I love! Different designs have different coloured skirts which I think really adds to the uniqueness of each piece. My only suggestion would be that I would love them to be interchangeable. Irregular Choice set the bar with Miss Piggy having so many outfits that I want everything to be like that. Even tho in complete honestly I still haven't even changed Miss Piggy's outfit once!

When I took these out of the box for the first time I was so excited. I had seen a stock photo previously but honestly it did not do them any justice at all, they are so sparkly and shimmery. The detail in the stitching is gorgeous! I love stitched pieces on shoes and these are just perfect for that. I have tried my best in the photos to be able to show all the details but they really do need to be seen in real life.

The design of the shoe is excellent for the summer. For the whole upper of the shoe we are treated to an amazing choice in fabric, a blue-green glitter fabric sparkles in every light. Everywhere you look the fabric is covered in beautifully stitched flowers which really make the shoe feel of high quality. Across the front of each shoe we have the word 'Aloha' in a yellow-gold. This is a running theme throughout the collection and really ties everything in together nicely.

The front of the shoe is open toe leading up to a large guitar surrounded by flowers,above this it continues up to a shimmering ankle strap. Now if I had written this down about two years ago then you would have called my crazy, on paper it is everything I say doesn't suit me. Open toe and an ankle strap!

But in recent times I have found it much easier to wear styles that I never thought possible. I'm quite a chunky girl so never considered being able to buy anything with an ankle strap as it simply wouldn't fit. I'm pleased to say that on these it fits just perfectly and there is enough room in there for it to sit comfortably around my ankle The buckle on the strap also opens and closes like a breeze, none of this fighting to get it open or closed the fabric slides in and out without an issue.

Around the toe of the shoe we have a very soft fabric which doesn't seem to cut or dig into my feet like can sometimes happen with open toe shoes. So far it is looking good. I have been wearing them around the house all today today and they seem to be holding up well.

Size wise I went for my usual UK 6.5 and EU40 and they size up perfectly. I would recommend going for your normal size in these, anything smaller would be just too tight and I think anything larger would have me sliding around the shoes too much even with the straps.

The heel height on these is around 11cm but they have a small platform of around 1.5cm which does make them considerably easy to walk in. I think at first glance they do look like quite a high pair of heels but I think that is more due to the shape of the heel than the actual height. These work out the same size as the bunny or unicorn heels but much easier to get on your feet.

For this collection we also have a new sole which I think is very interesting. Stretched between both feet we have the saying 'Aloha from Hawaii' surrounded in a photograph of traditional flowers. Normally for such a small collection we wouldn't get the opportunity to see a new sole and it certainly fits in well with the rest of the shoe.

Now lets move onto the bag. We all know how much I love things to match and have little sets so I am always delighted when Irregular Choice bring out a new bag to match a collection. In recent times we have had bags that work very well with collections but sometimes I almost feel that you need to wear them with the shoes to really see the full value in them. This on the other hand is a beautiful bag in its own right.

Another one for me that looking at the stock photos I might have passed up on. It looked cute but when I took it out of the box I was blown away. The first thing I spotted was the back and the most amazing fabric choice of this blue, petrol coloured fabric covered in a bold 'Aloha' stitched across the whole side.

Moving onto the front we once again have the iconic Hawaiian lady which ties in perfectly with the character on the heels. She is surrounded by 3D flowers in the usual bright colours this actually reminds me a little of the flower wall in Carnaby Street which I love. Now you might think it is all a little bit much... well frankly it is and its bloody amazing.

For me it is the details in the bag that once again get me. The edges of the bag are lined with a sort of red tassel looking fabric. It is not until you actually get close and start feeling that you realise that is it actually the straw/grass material that the skirt is made out of. I love that. Something that  you wouldn't normally notice is actually something that makes the bag a little bit more special for me.

I know it might seem like I'm gushing about these quite alot but I blooming love them. From the stock photos I have seen to the real thing they are worlds apart and I think that is why I have enjoyed writing about them so much as it was such a shock to me to love them as much as I do.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about these and it has been quite helpful for picking a pair that you will love. If after all the excitement you are looking for a pair you can shop the whole collection: HERE

I always love hearing what you think and please feel free to share your opinion by commenting or head over to our Facebook page.

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