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Magic Pony

This is the blog that I have been wanting to write for oh so long! Simply because it means after years of searching along with many many other ladies I have finally managed to get my hands on a Magic Pony bag!

I didn't actually ever think I would see a time when I would be able to justify the cost of one of these as the other colourways have been seen on eBay for in excess of over £200! I'm not here to criticise those people at all, but knowing so many people are after one style of bag it makes it more difficult to come across one before anyone else.

For these beauty to be in my possession I did have to do a little bit of trading, I waved goodbye to my amazing Norbet heels that we featured last year (Here). I wouldn't say it was instant regret but if anyone is parting with a pair please send them my way! I wouldn't hesitate to have him back in my life!

Anyway back to the bag itself, when these were launched back in March 2014 they came in three very different colourways. The white which I have managed to get my hands on to talk about today, a very subdued and almost inverted colour scheme bag and finally my ultimate favourite bag a brightly coloured sparkly blue bag.

I simply adore the style of these bags, Irregular Choice bags of the past always seemed to follow this same style with the cute gold or silver clasps at the front and inside a sturdy adjustable cross body strap.

Over the years there has been many different animals gracing the cover of these bags and I must admit its something that I have been missing lately. The Hoppity bags came in this style but what I really want to see is more cute animals on bags that look like this. Fingers crossed Irregular Choice have some ideas up their sleeve for later this year.

The detail on this bag is really amazing, if you have managed to get your hands on the King of the Castle bag or Tail Tails (photographed) you will know exactly what I mean. I have tried my best to photograph the detail in all the stitching and of course amazing fabric choices but you really do need to see this in real life.

As for the size of this bag I personally think its a perfect evening bag, I would easily fit in my bulky purse, my huge phone and everything else I could need for going out. The only reason I wouldn't out it down as an everyday bag is the sheer amount of rubbish that ends up in my handbags when going out for the day. If you are far more organised that myself then there is no reason you shouldn't be able to use this for any occasion. 

I hope you have enjoyed my first ever bag review, if there is anything you think I might have missed please get in touch.

Thanks for reading!

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