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Katt Dandy

Well it seems like blogs are like buses, you wait ages for one then a few come at once. Forgive me but I was far too excited not to do a full review of this.

Today we are going to be talking about the Magic Bunny handbag by Irregular Choice. Those of you who have been a fan of the brand for a few years will easily recognise this bag as something that crops up on alot of peoples most wanted list.

Originally launched in 2015 to accompany the incredible Fluffy Tails bunny character heels this sold out quickly and ever since we have seen the odd couple make an appearance on eBay for well over the original price.

I couldn't quite believe my eyes when I saw the independent stockists posting that they had this bag back in stock! Quick as a flash I had mine ordered from Lottie's Atik and it arrived the very next day!

The design itself is quite simple, two beautiful gold bunny rabbits touching noses with each other in a classic profile form. For me yet again it's the background that makes it stand out. Fully sequined from head to toe this is a bag that is really going to sparkle.

It was a little difficult to tell from the photos but while it is the same design as the original Magic Bunny bag they have changed a couple of the key features to make it more of a re-vamp than a relaunch, which I quite like.

Instead of the polkadot pattern in the sequins this time we are treated to a more paint splodge effect. Also the pink used for the background looks to be slightly different from the original. I have included one photo of the bag with the heels so you can get a rough idea of how they would look together.

It does make me wonder a little bit if we are going to be getting a reworked bunny heel in the future, I have a little bit of a bunny obsession so it is always nice to add to the collection.

The bag is the same size as the Magic Pony bag and is my favourite style of Irregular Choice bag. They are big enough to fit everything you could need in them but still being able to be elegant and feminine. Perfect for both a night out and a day to day bag.

So what do you think? Do you love it or hate it? Is there another bag that you would like to see come back? Please let us know! <3

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