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Welcome along to today's blog post all about our newest Irregular Choice character heel a sort of cake.biscuit sweet extravaganza. I always get so excited when a new character heel comes out. I really appreciate some of the design challenges of creating something completely new so it always come with even more anticipation than when we get a redesigned heel.

This particular heel came in three very different designs, one boot 'Bee Delicious' and two different shoes 'Little Kisses' and 'Macka Ron' all of which came in three brilliant colourways. I must admit it was a very difficult decision to pick which one pair I was going to go for out of the nine.

In the end it came down to 'Macka Ron' which was easily my favourite design. It then came down to the very close call between the pick and the mint. While the black are lovely I love a bit of a brighter colour. Ultimately the mint won as I'm a bit of a sucker for anything green or blue and I couldn't be happier with my choice.

On first look they seem to be a little chunkier than the traditional shoe, I'm not sure if this is because of the new sole which I will go through later or the recent change to the front shape of the shoe. Either way they looked great on first outing.

The design itself is quite a simple one with the use of two very different fabrics for the majority of the upper but that are the exact same colour making them a lot less busy than previous launches but very classic looking.

Over the front and the heel of the shoe we have a super furry fuzzy fabric that is incredibly soft and lovely to touch. The rest of the shoe is made up of a suede like material in a stunning mint green. Sewn onto this fabric we have simple white and gold beads which are mirrored exactly on each shoe.

Finally we have our cute little almost dog tag like sign across the front of the shoes boldly stating 'I Love Cake' which is obviously very much true. This is held on by a beautiful row of pearls that work their way to the underneath of the shoe. This is the second launch in quick succession that features pearls and for me that is a big thumbs up.

The only thing I am not completely in love with on this pair in the writing of 'I Love Cake' on the mint design they letters seem to be too wide and almost blend in together with the O in love not having a middle. For some reason this is only on the mint pair and not the pink pair which is a little bit of a shame but nothing I can't live with.

Now onto the heel. What a great colourful mismatch of all our favourite cakes. When I first thought of cake heels I was expecting more of a wedge so I wasn't really sure what to expect with a more traditional heel. I must say I do love them, they work so well with the one coloured upper and they were a complete delight to photograph which always gets an extra thumbs up in my book.

Earlier on I mentioned the new sole that Irregular Choice seem to be trying out on a lot of the new particularly taller heeled launches. You might have noticed that along the bottom of these shoes there is a while edging which is actually the start of the new rubber sole. At first I was completely on the fence about it as one of the things I love about Irregular Choice is the soles (even tho I don't wear sole protectors).

This sole doesn't have any fancy design or weird and wonderful colours instead it is one single piece of rubber with a pronounced kitten paw raised in the middle of the sole. This is quite abrasive to create a lot more grip than the traditional sole. I must admit it seems to have worked as they do on first wear feel a lot more secure on the floor and I do like the fact they will be easier to clean and people won't need to spend any extra protecting them. I think this is only a positive thing for Irregular Choice to be trying and I do look forward to being able to try these out for a longer period of time to see how they hold up.

For these as always I ordered my usual size UK 6.5 (EU40) which fit perfectly, and really are very comfortable. I would suggest that you buy your own size but if you are really in between sizes then size down rather than up as they will be far too big sizing up.

The heel height on these is 10.5cm but they do have a handy concealed platform which makes them so much easier to walk in than some character heels. Like many people have said tho because of the layer nature of the heel it would have been really nice of Irregular Choice to remove an element and make a much lower heel, I understand its not possible with all heels but I feel the design leans towards a lower heel so well. The feedback from so many people is we need more Panda and Lambie height heels and I completely agree to more diversity in heel height. Fingers crossed for next time.

Hopefully this has been helpful for those of you unsure about splashing out on a pair. I would really recommend it, they are classic Irregular Choice in my opinion. Simply outrageously beautiful.

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