Love Fools - Rock n Roll Bride Collaboration.

Love Fools

I think its really about time that I did a blog post featuring these. They have been sitting in my collection for a long time and its about time they got the full blog treatment.

The pair that we are going to talk about today were a pair from the first ever Rock N Roll Bride collaboration with Irregular Choice. You can read what Kat (from RnRB) has to say about it all: HERE

These first launched in August 2016 as part of only a two shoe collection. At the time we were teased of a future collaboration but as of yet this has been the only one. Along with Love Fools we were treated to 'Mint to Be' a variation on a stunning flamingo character heel.

Little did anyone know how sought after both these pairs would be. I don't actually think I have ever seen a pair of Mint to Be go up for sale second hand and we all know recently Love Fools have been known to reach well over £300 on eBay.

This might seem crazy when the original RRP was only a mere £80 but they sold out in minuets from the Irregular Choice website and were never destined to be restocked. I would be interested to find out how many were made just out of curiosity.

I was very lucky to be online as they went on sale and managed to nab a pair of Love Fools. I was on the fence about the 'Mint to Be' as I had just recently bought another pair of flamingo heels. In hindsight it would have been great to have them both but I am more than happy with just the one pair.

The design on these is pretty simplistic but works so well as both a wedding shoe and an occasion shoe. The shape of the shoe follows along the lines of Fancy That Party People which is a hugely popular design and shape.

Like those this shoe is covered from head to toe in one stunning fabric. Full glitter hearts and all they really sparkle in the light. The thing I really prefer on these over FTPP is the oversized bow. The bow on these is a larger, double bow that we are more used to seeing on Ban Joes. I much prefer the double bow and it is in another stunning glitter fabric.

For these I ordered them in my usual size UK 6.5 (EU40) and they fit perfectly. I would highly recommend getting them in your own size if you are lucky enough to find a pair. Like many Irregular Choice shoes these also come with an over the top strap. This time fastened with Velcro. I'm always a little worries when it comes to Velcro straps but these seem really secure on my feet and I'm not worried about the straps popping open.

The heel height on this pair is 9cm so the same as Fancy That Party People and Nick of Time but they don't feel too high or difficult to walk in at all. In fact they are just as comfy to me as the slightly lower heels.

In conclusion, these are a great all round pair. Very highly sought after so if you have them count yourself as part of the few. If you are still on the hunt, don't give up they do come up time to time, just make sure your buying your normal size and they your used to the 9cm heel but other than that you will not regret them.

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