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Louder Louder - Animal Heels

Hello and welcome to the first blog after the spectacular Muppets Irregular Choice launch last Friday. Judging from the ease and everyone's comments it seems to have been the smoothest Irregular Choice Disney launch to date.

Now don't get me wrong come 12pm I was getting so nervous and worried that I might miss out of the pairs that I wanted but everything ran so smoothly for me it was brilliant. I was out and about come launch time and even on a mobile phone I found it to be stress free. In fact unusually so I managed to get everything I wanted (and a little more) all from one place.

Everything arrived from Lottie's Atik this morning and I did a little unboxing video over on our facebook if you would like to see: HERE I was planning on going for three pairs of shoes maximum this launch as it feels like its been constant with the launches this year and I wanted to save myself.

I knew from the previews and a couple of leaked images online that I wanted the Animal heels and the Miss Piggy characters but everything else was a mystery. My mind didn't really change come launch time which is usual as I normally fall in love with pairs I have not seen, This time tho I feel totally in love with the bags! They are gorgeous. In the end I came away with two pairs of shoes, two bags and a purse!

The pair of shoe that I'm going to talk about today were the first ever teaser pair to be announced by Irregular Choice. Admittedly at first it wasn't an instant yes but I did know that I liked them. It was only as the days went on and I saw a couple of real life photos that I knew there were going to be the ones for me. They are now actually my favourite of the whole collection.

Simple in design but at the same time equally outrageous! The furry heel wins it for me everytime and with the open toe of the shoe being used for Animal's face there isn't really anything not to love!

Even after all the photographs I have seen over the past week of so I was still so surprised when I opened them. The detail is much more refined than I imagined and there was still bits I had not seen. I adore the exclamation mark over the heel and the fabric they have used for those big bushy eyebrows.

You might have seen in the unboxing video but naively I didn't know that the whole shoe was furry. I just assumed it was only the heel. The shoe is soft all over and complimented with the large 'Animal' and 'Louder' text sprawled along the sides in gold glitter.

For me some of the details have come back with this collection. Simple things like the soles of the shoes, on this pair they are different to each other with the right and left again spelling 'Animal' and 'Louder' but on the opposite foot. Touches like this for me is what makes a Disney collection and so far I have been pleasantly surprised!

In these I have ordered my usual size of a UK 6.5 (EU40) and they fit perfectly length wise! The most true to size pair I have had in a long time! So I'm delighted about that! You do have to watch when putting them on that you don't catch the hair thats overlapping but that isn't too much of an issue at all.

Now on the comfort of these, I found they really dug into my feet along the toe line where the edge of the shoe is. Normally I struggle with open toed shoes but that isn't the case with these its more the edge where your foot goes into the shoe. To me it looks like its happening because the edge is quite hard and rigid, I think a little stretch to the area and they would be perfect but I will 100% need to break them in before I go out in them.

The heel height in these is around 11cm but you can see that there is a platform of 1.4cm which really does help with the feel of these. They don't feel high or unstable when your walking in them at all and because they are true to size they really stay on your feet which is perfect.

So what do you think? Did you manage to get everything you wanted from the collection? Did you like the collection? I would love to hear what you think over on our Facebook page: HERE and if you don't already, please give us a like as when we reach 3000 we will be doing an Irregular Choice giveaway!

Thanks again for reading!

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