Little Lammie


These little Lammie character heels were released at the start of 2015 and around the same time as the very similar styled BahBah heels. For this launch Irregular Choice also pushed the boat out released a matching bag in both black and white.

 The style I'm about to show you came in two different colours also, a white with a stunning mermaid scale heel and tip and the black ones I'm about to show you today.

The detail on these are absolutely stunning and something that really doesn't come across well from all the stock pictures online. With the big beautiful fabric bows to the millions of little sequin balls on the uppers they really are eye catching! 

I must admit I wasn't completely sold when they first came out (especially the bahbah uppers) which is why it took me until mid November to commit and acquire myself a pair, for me I think it was the shape of the lambs themselves they way they sit as the heel seems like an odd shape and not as compact as the other character heels. For me the uppers totally win me over on the heel and combined with the fact I have the matching bag (which I will feature individually later) it was a no brainer really to get myself a pair. Eventually I would like to get myself the same pair in white but these are hard to come by now so I wont be going out of my way to hunt a pair down.

The beauty of the elongated lambs if the fact that they are alot lower than most of the other character heels with the heel measuring at just over 8cm! This makes them so much more comfortable that some of the other pairs and I feel like I could wear them all night without any problems at all. In all Irregular Choice shoes I am a 40 (6.5) and these are no exception so if you are trying to hunt down a pair defiantly go for your normal size. 

At times these were quite difficult to photograph as I really wanted to show you the changing colours of the fabric and the amount of detail that is on them an hopefully that comes across throughout the photos.

Also I think this sole/box has to be one of my all time favorites so beautiful and colorful I cant fault it at all!

In conclusion I would say that these are ideal for people who don't love their heels too high but love something a little different, Id stay true to your size and enjoy all the comments that would be bound to be heading your way when you go out and about in them.

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