Lady Misty - Unicorn Heels

Welcome to our blog post dedicated to everyone's favourite mythical creature. I have been meaning to write this post for a few weeks now but there has been so much Irregular Choice news going on this is the first chance I've managed to find the time.

These beautiful heels were launched back at the beginning of September along with the Stars at Night shoes which you can read all about: HERE. It was also launched with a re-run of two of my favourite bags, King of the Castle, and the infamous Magic Pony bag, which again you can read all about: HERE.

This is not the first time we have seen Unicorn shoes from Irregular Choice, over the years we have had a variety of flat shoes 'Misty Reins' and who can forget the incredible 'Tall Tails' which tower over every other shoe. But now its nice to have something a little more glamorous.

I must say these were an absolute dream to photograph, the pertol like fabric really catches the light in any direction making them stand out and chance colour almost with every photograph. The iridescent fabric is something we are used to seeing on our Lazy Rivers but I think it works so well with these.

Lady Misty was available in two different colours, the bright and beautiful ones you can see here and a most casual but no less stunning black and silver pair. It was a very tough choice for me to pick between the two but even tho I would get slightly more wear out of the others being black, I couldn't resist the bring colours of this pair.

The detail and the quality of the unicorn at the front of the shoe is beautifully done, its surrounded by a gold glitter backing combined with cute little white stars. The heel of the shoe is in the same style as Stars at Night, with a little heart containing the shoes name in gold embroidery. I mentioned in a previous blog that it seems to be a current trend with new launches, having stitching on them. In most cases I can take it or leave it but I really do quite like them on this collection.

As always I sent for these in my usual size UK 6.5 (EU 40) and they fit great. I've been worried lately that I'm needing to size down in quite a few new styles but with these its not the case at all, they would be far too small if I had gone for a UK 6.

The heel height on these is 9.5cm which is the usual height for perspex heels. Even though they look like it, there is no hidden platform in these so they are true to their height. Having said that tho the bottom of the shoes feel very cushioned and comfortable.

In summary, if you love unicorns and anything sparkly like me, you will absolutely love these. They do exactly what they should, fit well, sparkle at every turn and will easily stand out from the crowd like any good unicorn should.

I hope you enjoyed my review, and if there is any other pairs you would like to see here please pop over to our Facebook page and let me know!

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