Jingle - Santa Heels


These Jingle shoes were released by Irregular Choice in December 2014. They follow the exact same mold as the Gnome heels which I reviewed HERE and this years Rudy Christmas heel.

The uppers are very similar style and shape to the well known Flopsies but this time come in a beautiful patterned velvet, available in a dark red or black.

There is no doubt that these are perfect for Christmas and have become a much sought after pair. I feel quite lucky that I was able to grab a pair (all be it second hand with the slightest of wear) on a certain bidding website without it costing the earth. 

From a distance and especially from the front they look quite simple in style with lovely red ribbons as laces. Its only when you get closer that you notice the detail in the fabric and of course those amazing santas. They really do just look festive! I do really like the simplicity of them but they are truly beautiful when up close. I know alot of ladies that replace the ribbon with different fabrics which I find brilliant as it allows you be personal and creative without being destructive to the shoes!

Im not sure if its because they have been previously worn or the fact that the material is soft but they were so comfy from the get go. I decided to buy them in my normal size (40) and they fit perfectly. They are the same height as the gnome heels with a 12cm heel but I think due to the closed in upper they feel very secure on my feet.

Apologizes about not being able to get you a proper photo of the sole but as they had been on a mini adventure before they found me they were not in the best photographic condition. The sole does match the beautiful blue box but with the time having a black surround so they dont take too much away from the heel.

For me these are a must have for anyone who loves Christmas and especially if you are like me and were not too keen on the fuzzy Rudy heels they were released this year. If you spot a pair for sale at a reasonable cost I would always go for it as they don't come up too often anymore!

Finally I wish you a Merry Christmas and hopefully you will be opening some beauties of your own come Christmas morning.

Lots of Love xx

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