Irregular Choice - Teal Trixy

Katt Dandy

I am so excited to be sitting down to write this blog post. It is honestly a post I never thought I would be able to write so forgive me for being a little over excited.

Sorry I haven't really been updating very often lately, I have been waiting for the next big launch after Toy Story and everything else has been pretty manic, but I couldn't resist not talking about these.

As I said earlier Teal Trixys are never something I thought I would own. They were launched back in 2014 and came in three different colours. Coral, black and teal. I have been lucky enough over the years so source both the coral and the black but the teal ones were nowhere to be seen.

I am not sure how many of each were made but certainly there seems to have been alot more of the others made than the teal. I have never in my years of collecting seen a pair come up for sale and I think I only know two people that have them.

You might be thinking how did I finally manage to get my hands on a pair, well it doesn't come without sacrifice. SheShe shoes of Canada was unfortunately having a closing down sale and there was an amazing variety of old stock. Sadly the only size they had in these shoes was a size 36.

I decided to take a risk and order them just for show purposes. I'm usually very proud to say I wear all my shoes and they all fit, but now I will have one exception. Having said that if anyone anywhere has a size 37 or 38 and they would like to swap for a 36 please message me! Maybe I can slowly swap my way up to a 39 or 40!

Taking them out of the box I was so nervous. I have searched for these for such a long time and now finally they were here. I will say they didn't disappoint. The stitching throughout the pattern is simply amazing and I can finally say that my collection is complete.

Unfortunately I won't be able to do a complete size review as I can confirm these don't fit my feet, but if they are anything like the others in this style they will be true to size if not a tiny big snug.

So what do you think? Do you think they were worth all the hype and searching over the years? I certainly do! Let us know over on our Facebook and Instagram page. 

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