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Hello and welcome to blog number two from the Friends Reunited collection.

I couldn't just stop at one and there was no way that I couldn't talk about these.

These have to be the most anticipated heel from this collection and for very good reason. We have only seen dinosaur heels once before and they were so popular it seems like a dream that we have managed to get them back.

In true Dinosaur fashion we have these in one style the trusted platform boot. The previous pairs were also in this style and I think it works so so well for the style. Those of you who have the older style will know just how comfortable they are. I once said anything with that rubber zigzag sole was going to come and live with me because of just how comfortable they are.

Unlike the previous designed which were alot more simple Irregular Choice have gone all out with this style and it really shows. The bright colours can be seen from across the room and they work so brilliantly.

The detail on these in absolutely incredible everything is stitched in with so many different fabrics. I have tried my best to show it off in as many photos as possible.

These heels are even more extra than before. No lights this time but we do have a very cool Roar. Sound effects are not really a bit selling point for me personally but its great that you can switch it on and off.

Another advantage to this is that it is fully rechargeable so you don't need to worry about over using them. This is a great addition as it really makes it stress free and not feeling like you have to conserve the sounds.

One of my favourite things about this design (apart from the heel) is the very cute little dinosaur scales down the side of each shoe. It adds and extra dimension to the shoes and really finishes them off nicely.

Now onto the all important size and fit advice. As always I went for my usual size 40 and they fit perfectly. They fit exactly the same as the old style so if you have them then you can confidently buy the same size.

The heel height on this one looks a bit scary at 14.5cm but there is a 5cm platform which makes them only 9.5cm high. They honestly don't even feel that high. I can't tell you how comfortable these are I could happily wear them all day.

So what do you think of these? Did they live up to the hype?

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