Irregular Choice Friends Reunited - Hunnie Bunnie

Welcome to the start of the blog posts you have all been waiting for. For the last five weeks we have been treated to some of the fan favorite shoes relaunched and this has come to a climax this weekend with the Friends Reunited week.

All this is in aid of Irregular Choice's 20th birthday and what a celebration we are having this year.

Those of you who know me know I LIVE for the character heels so this collection has been slightly overwhelming for me. Unlike the previous launches this month these are not relaunches but a whole new collection.

It's a biggie too, 11 pairs of shoes with a mix of heels and flats, three pouches and two bags! And that is just the stuff that the independent stockists were offered. Rumor has it that there was an extra bag or two available direct but personally I'm here for the shoes.

I found it really hard to pick one pair of shoes to talk about first so I went with something a little different. Dinosaur shoes were going to be my first blog but I thought I would treat you all to something you haven't seen before.

This time I decided to show you Hunnie Bunnies first. These are a surprise favorite for me as I wasn't expecting to like ANOTHER pair of bunnies! I was famously on a bunny ban for ages as I have quite a few now.

The thing that won it for me on these ones was the lights! Again if you have read my blogs before you will know that light up heels are not for me. But and its a big but these are different.

They have an on and off switch which is perfect for me. These is also three different settings to the lights, on full, a slow flash and a fast flash. I have taken videos of all so I will pop them up on Facebook as soon as I can.

The other reason that I like the lights is that its not the usual Christmas lights scattered around the shoe that flash its actually part of the design. It is basically neon lights in a shoe! This is epic. Both 'LOVE' words on the front light up and really adds to the design of the shoe rather than being some added extra that is thrown in.

For the rest of the shoe its covered in a gorgeous purple glitter fabric covered in other multicolored glitter hearts. I think this is a nice colour choice for these as they haven't really done any purple bunnies before (expect samples) so it fits in nicely to the collection.

You know I'm partial to heels with a strap and these are great. I will say they are a tad annoying having to do and un-do three different straps each time I want to take my shoes off but it is a small price to pay. I have quite a high instep and there is still lots of room in the strap so that's a positive.

Now onto the all important sizing and fit advice. I went with my usual size 40 and they fit perfectly. The heel height is the same as all previous bunnies. A 12cm height with a 2cm platform. If you are thinking these are a little high for you there is a couple lower heels in this collection.

I have a full comprehensive review of all character heel height which you can find: HERE

So what do you think of the first blog?? Don't worry there will be lots more coming soon. Which pair would you like to see me review next??

Remember the whole collection is available from Lottie right HERE

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