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Star Wars - Take Two

Finally the last of the Star Wars shoes I hear you cry, I know I have been harping on about them quite a lot but hopefully this time round there has been something for everyone with Flats, Trainers and Heels. This time its my personal opinion that I have saved the best until last.

This particular pair wasn't released by Irregular Choice until the 12pm launch, we had seen something similar from the 'Day of the Trooper' pair but they didn't even give us a hint that these were coming. Unless of course like me you scoured Instagram for hours and caught sign of these beforehand.

The closer it got to release the more nervous I got. Like any unofficial leek you have to take most of it with a pinch of salt as what you are seeing might never exist at all so you have to prepare yourself for both occasions. Once I saw the photo these quickly became my first choice, I already fought with a hefty shipping bill for last years 'Death Star' shoes but these were something else. No matter what happened on launch day I wasn't going to come away without these beauties. We all know now how smooth the launch was, although I can appreciate people still didn't manage to get the pairs that they were after due to size constraints or being further down the line but I am so pleased I managed to get these.

Like many of you any pair of shoes I see with the iridescent fabric needs to be owned, its almost like Irregular Choice have a licence to print money where this is concerned as so many of us go crazy for it. And rightly so its gorgeous!

I had heard that a couple of ladies have had problems and faults with them so that was in the back of my mind when opening the box. I must admit when opening them I was amazed and adored them instantly but I couldn't help notice the 'faults' or lack of refinement for a better word. The white sole that comes up over the upper doesn't quite sit flush and looks slightly rushed. On closer inspection a couple of days later and after trawling through online images I have come to the conclusion this is intentional and have let it go, but it always does take a little bit of the shine away from new shoes.

They follow suit from the 'Death Star' pair with an identical white wooden base and a large looming Darth Vader head for a heel. This time instead of going with a solid matt black for the heel, they have followed suit of the Christmas Trixys and made them a softer petrol green sparkle colour, which I love but not sure the green quite goes with the upper, in real sunlight you can see the colour and personally I would have preferred it to be more of a sparkly black than the green.

That said when comparing them to the older Death Stars it seemed like a much better choice than the black used for them. I mentioned in a earlier blog how I feel that Irregular Choice have been allowed to create something alot less Star Wars and alot more Irregular Choice and this is how I feel with these again. I love the Old Vs New feeling that I get when photographing the two pairs together, a classic Vs modern if you will. I would be very interested to hear your opinions if you have both pairs like myself.

My favorite feature when photographing them was not only the amazing fabric choices but the stars that line both sides of the shoe, They are just see through enough then when off your feet you can see right through them but not too see through that you feet are going to be exposed. This is another example why I just love Irregular Choice, their fabric choices are second to none and keep me coming back time after time.

Overall the heels don't feel very high to walk in, the heel height is 13cm but with a good 4cm platform they are not as tough on the feet as some other character heels even tho you are quite far off the ground. Infact they are a joy to walk in and incredibly comfortable especially if you are used to walking in platforms. I will say that you need to be a little conscious of how you walk as both the Vaders will bang together and cause some scuffing.

Size wise, I am always a UK 6.5 (EU 40) in my Irregular Choice shoes and these are no exception. They fit perfectly in a 40 and there would be no need at all to size up. I feel that if you did you would really struggle to keep them on your feet as the heels can be a little heavy but its not noticeable when your walking.

These are one of the few pairs that you can actually see part of the sole when wearing as they front curves right up making them easier to walk in. Because Darth Vader is at the top of the sole I think it works so week that you can see him peeking through from underneath. One thing about all the Star Wars soles that has been a little disappointing is that this time they are all the same. The Alice in Wonderland collection has shown us what Irregular Choice can do in regards to soles, not only a different sole on each pair but also on each shoe. This is something personally I want to see much much more of.

In conclusion, they are beautiful, they are either going to be a pair you need in your life or something that isn't your cup of tea. I urge anyone who loves them to go for it. Don't worry about the odd flaw that you might have seen they will be worth it every single time.

Thank You so much for reading, if you would like to know more about the other Star Wars range please take a look below.

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