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Hello and welcome back to a new Irregular Choice blog. There has been so much happening lately and I feel I have been neglecting to post full blog reviews for a while, so for that I apologize.

If you think I have missed anything important over the last few weeks and you would like to know any more information pop over to our Facebook page and ask away. I am still continuing my '200 Days of Irregular Choice' challenge which you can also view over on our Facebook: HERE

Right enough of the shameless promotion lets get on to the shoes. It was a complete surprise launch yesterday! Normally we expect a launch at the last week of every month with the usual sneak peek on Wednesday and the launch on Friday. This time we got nothing on that. I just happened to stumble across a post by Lottie's Atik about an hour before the shoes went live. Luckily I'm on holiday from work this week so I was able to act quickly and log on.

We were treated to four new pairs of shoes, in two different styles, two bags and a purse. Quite a haul for something that wasn't really well advertised. The pair I'm going to talk about today are called Intergalactic and came in two different colours. The other pair that were launched were Major Tom and again came in two colours.

Major Tom came in a navy black and an amazing silver space boot colour. These both have flashing lights and if I am correct on that you can turn them on and off! Finally! I love an outrageous pair of shoes but I don't always like them to flash so I'm delighted you can turn them off. Please let me know what you think about that as I feel I'm in the minority.

It was a tough decision for me on which to go for as ideally I would have liked one of each but with so many amazing styles coming out this season already I went for my absolute favourite which was the Intergalactic pair.

I always tell people I'm not a pink kind of girl when in reality, I actually do like the colour. There wasn't much of a contest between colours for me on this one as while I think the black is very nice the contrast on the pink pair won me over instantly, and I even went for the matching bag!

My favourite thing about these is the fabric, you all know that I gush about Irregular Choice's use of fabrics and these are no exception. The fabrics used for the planet and the toe are incredible. I hope my photos are able to do them justice.

There is one reservation I have about these boots and is it the little dangly charms, I think as a whole they work well (honestly I could take them or leave them) but up close they are not great. One or two of mine actually don't sit the right way round very easily and you end up seeing the backs of them. I think this is something you are not really going to notice when you have the boots on or start walking in them as they will move anyone but its something I instantly picked up when looking at them closely and when photographing them. 

Obviously as we come into Autumn/Winter styles there is going to be lots of boots available and this is something Irregular Choice are taking full advantage of. It does always fill me with a little bit of dread as while I love boots they are very rarely flattering for my chunky legs and I end up being disappointed that I can't wear the styles that I want to.

I'm not particularly tall either (I'm really selling myself here arn't I) so if they cut me off in the wrong place it isn't all that flattering for me at all so I always approach boots with caution. As I did with these. I couldn't turn down an opportunity to try them on so I had to just order them and see, knowing that if they were not suitable Lottie would sort it out asap.

So having said all of that lets talk about fit advice. These are exactly the same fit as Bang Pow around the ankles if you have ever tried them on. They are wide enough to fit my legs in them and actually do the zip up all of the way which is great. Personally I would like them to have a bit more room in them but I do think that would verge on 'plus size' calves which obviously isn't suitable for everyone.

Overall I'm quite happy with how the fit, I didn't expect anything less and being able to do the zip up is an added bonus for me as I can't tell you how many time I have gone to wear boots and not been able to do the zip up.

Now onto sizing advice. I ordered my usual size of UK 6.5 (EU40) and they fit absolutely fine. In fact I think they are a little big. I could actually wear socks with this without an issue at all (except they wouldn't fit around my ankles with socks) My advice would be to order your normal size, especially if you have larger legs, but if you are inbetween sizes then I would size down. You could easily get away with a size lower. I was debating going for a size down in the pair that I have but honestly I would worry that the legs would be thinner and I wouldn't be able to wear them so this is the letter of two evils for me.

If you think I have missed anything important over the last few weeks and you would like to know any more information pop over to our Facebook page and ask away. I am still continuing my '200 Days of Irregular Choice' challenge which you can also view over on our Facebook: HERE

So what do you think of these? Did you enjoy the surprise launch style? let me know what you think as I love to hear your thoughts! Thank you again for reading and I hope to see you soon!

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