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Katt Dandy

Hello and welcome to the third installment from the Toy Story collection. I wanted to do something a little bit different today and tailor our blog all around your questions.

For those of you who follow us on Facebook and Instagram you may remember I asked for your your honest questions regarding any reservations you might have about the new Toy Story pouches. Well today we are going to have our usual review but then made sure to answer each one of your questions to the best of my ability.

Now onto the bags, today we are going to be looking at two of the three pouches that were launched as part of the collection. First off we have the Buzz Lightyear bag aptly named 'Infinity and Beyond' then the Woody bag named 'Round up Gang'.

Something that wasn't quite apparent to me on photos is that each bag is double sided. At first glance you seem to think that they are either just one sided or that the other side is from a different bag completely.

Hopefully from the photos today you will get a clear picture of what the pouches look for like in real like and it is less of a surprise when you actually see them in real life.

I must admit, I do think they look so much better in real life. On the stock photos I will be honest and say I wasn't entirely convinced but being able to see them and feel them in real life they are very nice pieces and actually stand out more than I was expecting!

On each side, or the front as I seem to think of it as, we have a fully stitched portrait of your favourite characters, each very well made and in great detail. I have tried to take as many detailed shots as possible so you can see what they really look like.

Both bags also feature some of my favourite fabrics ever. I am so in love with all the Toy Story character print fabric and I love that both these bags have them included. On the reverse side of the Buzz bag we have the infamous chest panel from his space suit, half stitched and half printed. This works really well for the times when you don't want his face to be the main focus. The other side of the Woody bag is covered in the amazing character fabric with the statement stitched words ' Woody' in bright yellow with a bold black shadow.

It isn't really until you see little bits like this that you realise how cohesive the collection is. These pouches can perfectly match a purse and a pair of shoes but without it being too samey and obvious. I really like that, something about this collection just kind of works together in a great way, especially with being able to mix and match things to your mood or occasion.

There has also been quite a bit of chat around the price of these and the constant increase since the last pouches were launched not that long ago. The rainbow pouches came in at £39.99 where as the Woody bag is £54.99 and the Buzz £59.99. Personally I think this is mainly due to the increase in size. I have a comparison photograph for you to see the difference and you can clearly see the size increase from the last launch.

Also the fact that the rainbow bag is only one sided and each Toy Story bag has a completely different design on each side.The bigger design also means you can fit much more in them than the last pouch and becomes a little but more usable, well for myself anyway.

Lets have a quick look at some of the questions you wanted answered:

Could you attach a strap? Honestly without getting a full over the shoulder strap professionally sewn on I don't think you could. The way I would add a strap would be to just add a small wrist strap to the zip and you could use it like a clutch bag. I think that would work really well!

What is inside? Is there any pockets? No pockets on this one, just the smooth lining and the Toy Story symbol. I have tried my best to take an inside photograph so you can have a proper look.

What can you fit in these and can they be used as an evening bag? So the answer to this is more than you think. I have put out all my everyday 'essentials' and tried to fit them into the pouch. Now I was a bit dubious at first as I like to carry quite a big bulky purse around with me for everyday use. I'm pleased to say that everything fit in no problem and it closed without an issue. For evenings out I usually take a must smaller purse so I would say it could completely be used as an evening bag.

What would you use the bag for? Personally I would use it any time I didn't need to carry around my full bulky bag. Nipping to the shops or wanting to travel light. Evening is probably best for me with the lack of strap but once I find myself a nice wrist strap, it should be with me most days.

So what do you think? Did you enjoy something a little bit different from the normal?

If you have fallen in love with these two bags they are still available from Lottie's for LESS than RRP (on the woody bag)
Buzz - HERE
Woody - HERE

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