Hot Diggety Dog - Mickey and Friends

Hot Diggety Dog - Red and Gold

I'm going to jump straight into talking about these as I am completely in love with them!

As a whole I'm not really into boots, well any boots taller than the ankle alway as I have massively thick lower legs! In the previews we managed to catch a glimpse of these in the brighter colourway and while I thought they were pretty cool it wasn't until I saw them in this colour that I knew they had to be mine.

These were one of the first pairs that I ordered after the realisation hit that I wasn't going to make it to the front of the queue on the website. They came from Lottie's Atik in super quick time along with a couple of other treats I'm going to show you later on in the week.

Anyone who knows me understands that I have a big love for country rock so I'm very excited that these have a very traditional cowboy boot shape! They come with a heel much narrower than what we are used to with Irregular Choice but I think it fits in perfectly and you don't notice it being thinner when your walking in them.

Unlike the other colourway it was the classic Disney colours that really made me love these and they are so much more beautiful in real life. The red, gold and black really call compliment each other perfectly in these and I hope you can see from the photos how vivid they are.

Now I think my favourite thing about these is the fact that each boot is different. The right is covered by a strong silhouette of Minnie mouse with her trademark sparkly bow, while the left is mirrored with a playful Mickey Mouse, I imagine most people walking past wouldn't notice but its things like this that make me love Irregular Choice.

I have tried my best to show the detail on these because there really is quite a bit of work gone into them from tiny little stitched stars and hearts to the upper and lower glitter finishes and the gold horseshoes.

Earlier on I mentioned that I don't normally get a chance to wear boots as I have very think calfs/lower legs. This is something I accept about myself but it doesn't stop me trying to buy things that are not suitable. For example my Carnival shoes are too tight round my ankles which means I cant wear them.

I did expect these to be the same. especially after I have heard of a few ladies having trouble getting them on. But no! I am pleased to announce they are blooming perfect. Excuse my not so nice legs but I have added a quick photo taken of me in them so you can judge for yourself if you think they will fit but I can't normally wear boots like this so please give it a go!

Size wise, I ordered my usual size UK 6.5 (EU40) and they fit perfectly. A couple of ladies have said they are very narrow but I don't seem to have that problem with them at all, so would love to hear if you have had any issues with them.

That's all for today! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed my gushing about these stunners.

If there is anything else you would like to see please let me know! <3

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