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Hoppity Easter 2017

Hello and welcome to our Easter blog of 2017. I know our last post was all about the amazing Rainbunnys but with it being Good Friday it only seems fitting that we again talk about a beautiful pair of bunny heels, or two as the case may be.

The pair we are going to talk about today were launched at the same time as the Rainbunny heels and also come with matching bags. Hoppity are available in three different colours, pink, yellow and a teal colour.

Before these launched we managed to see a sneak peek from a shop in France and having already had the bags on sale for a while we guessed what might have been coming. I fell in love with these instantly, I was more committed to getting these than I was a pair of the Rainbunnys. 

The hardest part for me on launch day was deciding which colour to go for. If I was able to afford it I would have gone for all three pairs without question, as bunny character heels in general are easily one of my favourites. Looking at the three pairs I knew I had to get the pink pair something was just calling to me with them. I don't consider myself a 'pink' girl but I did just love them. The problem them was which pair between the teal and the yellow do I go for? 

Green is probably my favourite colour, even though you wouldn't know it looking at my collection. So I was really very tempted to go for those. At the very last second I changed my mind and went for the yellow. I know its cliche but these just scream 'Beauty and the Beast' to me so I had to have them!

The excitement was building waiting for these to arrive and when they did I didn't know which ones to look at first. I am really pleased with the way they look. The sticking on the fabric is so beautiful and with the addition of the gold and glitter sequins they really do look very elegant.

I always forget how easy bunny heels are to walk in, they feel comfy and secure on your feet and for me personally just the right heel height to not be in agony after the first 15 minutes out and about in them. As always I ordered these in my usual size of UK 6.5 (EU40) and they fit like a dream. I'm not sure if it is because of the slightly different fabric but they actually fit better than the Rainbunny pair. They are a perfect size for my feet so there is no gaping at all.

The heel height of these is the same as previous bunnies. The heel comes in at 11cm which is slightly lower than unicorns but alot higher than say pandas or the lambs. There is a hidden platform on these which does help alot with tackling the height issue that alot of people have. 

Something I didn't mention on my last post was the random scratch and squeaking that seem to be appearing for many on these. Every pair of these that I own has a long thin scratch down the side of the bunny, this is apparently due to the mould when making them. Personally its not something that bothers me as its not too visable, but I can understand how it would bother some people. Unfortunatly you are not going to get one without it by the looks of it, so if you were going to swap a pair it will have the same issue.

Lastly the squeaking. This seems to be happening when the tail of the bunny rubs on the back of the shoe. It's not something that is happening to everyone or a particular shoe size. There have even been cases when someone else has tried on a squeaky pair for them not to make a sound. Many ladies have found a simple solution to this and have stuck a tiny plaster on the back on the shoe where the heel is rubbing, this seems to have worked wonders so far and you will be silently on your way.

Hope those tips help you if you are having any problems. Overall I think they are simply beautiful and all I'm hoping for now is we get Unicorn style jelly shoes please Irregular Choice!

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