Hop Along - Easter

Hop Along - Bunny Heel

First off I would like to start by saying Happy Easter for those who celebrate it or Happy Sunday for those who don't. It does only seem fitting that for today's blog post I review our new addition to the family - the 'Hop Along' bunny released last week by Irregular Choice just in time for Easter weekend.

I had seen the images floating around of the various colours of 'Bunny Love' (Same upper as 'Hop Along' but with a perspex heel) since maybe early January and they have been available overseas for a few weeks, but it wasn't until the announcement last week that I realized there was going to be a character heel version too!

You might remember in December Irregular Choice launched three new designs for Christmas, Trixy the Unicorn, Rudy the Santa and Bunnykins the Rabbit. At the time I made the decision to just opt for the Trixy pair and now I'm glad I did. Honestly I find it a little strange that they have decided to release two different bunny designs so close to each other and in the same colour. And I think it will have put off alot of people from buying them if they have already invested in a white pair not so long ago. I do really love these and even in white they are simply stunning but if you know me im always one for weird and wonderful colours so it would have been nice to see a few bold colourways with these too!

The uppers are the same shape as the Bunnykins but instead of an oversized bow we have a more modest Pink bow made out of spotty pink ribbon. Just above the ribbon there is the most adorable looking bunny ears that rest on your feet when wearing them. This was the main cute factor for me and it was nice to see Irregular Choice do something a little bit different with the actual design of the uppers. Had these not have been available in a character heel I would have invested in the perspex heel, and this is quite rare for me. My character heels outweigh my 'normal' heels 10-1.

They are much more sparkly in real life than in the photos but in a beautifully subtle way. The white catches the light really well and will shimmer when you walk in them. The fabric feels like the soft leather, especially in the ears but it is all made from synthetic materials so suitable for all vegetarians.

The light pink hearts and dots are cut away from the white fabric to show a much more obvious glitter underneath. The thing I do like about the white design is the subtleties of the two colours and the way them compliment each other. I don't think it would have worked so well with say a bright red heart under the soft white.

I didnt think there was much more that could be done with the rabbit heel after all we have had normal, all gold, all glitter and now fluffy! I must say I was a little shocked by the fluffy heel as its another one of those must see in real life features, but I love it. The little guy has a nice pink tint to his fur and with the added bonus of a matching ribbon like the front of the shoes. I would suggest keeping an eye on him tho when wearing them. It does look like the material that will just attract mud and dirt and you wouldn't a filthy rabbit.

I do have a couple of other bunny heels in varying sizes. Some in a 40 and others in a 41. For these I went straight in for the EU 40 (UK 6.5) and they fit with no problems at all. I do find that on occasion it takes me a few tries on to get my toes in the right position, as they seem to curl when putting them on. This is the same of all the styles with this type upper, I almost need to slide them in slowly, but once they are on they are really comfortable.

These like all the bunnies before them have a 12cm heel which remains one of the highest that Irregular Choice do. Having said that there is a hidden wedge in the shoes and I don't have any problem walking in them. They feel very stable under your foot and if you are used to wearing heels these shouldn't provide any problems at all.

In short these are an amazing pair of subtly irregular shoes that deliver everything you expect them to. I would say these are going to be my last pair of bunnies unless Irregular Choice can do something drastic. I'm now already looking forward to the next installment of a crazy heel.

Thanks again for reading.
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