Forbury Gardens - Magical Gardens Collection by Irregular Choice

Katt Dandy

Welcome to another new blog from our latest Irregular Choice launch. There are two times of year (besides Disney) that I look forward to each year for an almost guaranteed character heel, Christmas and Easter. With Easter only being a couple of weeks away now I was hoping that we would be treated with a new character heel design to add to my bunny obsession.

What I wasn't really expecting was a complete redesign of the perspex character heel (like we have seen house Cinderella and the Ballerina in previous years). I will get onto the heel design a little later but I'm so excited about these and the possible options in the future for this type of heel.

Launch this time happened at the usual 12pm on a Friday after we had all had a little sneak peek for us to mull over on the Wednesday.

I'm going to be completely honest in this blog, as I am in every one but I really wasn't sure if I liked the sneak peek that came out. I loved the heel from what I could see, but was worried that it might end up looking quite messy. I didn't like the grass at all and worried it didn't go all that well with the uppers which I loved and being truthful I didn't think many people would be a fan but oh my was I wrong. I posted the sneak peek over on our Facebook page and people were totally in love with them.

I knew that with every launch we were going to have a few different colours and that is perfect you don't have to love every single pair that comes out but I was hoping amongst hope that there was going to be a pair I would fall in love with.

Irregular Choice have been great the last few launches and put some photos on the website 15 mins before launch, I think that it something that everyone really appreciates, it gives you plenty of time to have a look and decide what you want ready for the 12pm launch.

I was lucky enough to have a 10% off code from Lottie's Atik's wheel of fortune so I was browsing the Irregular Choice website ready to make my decision then move offer to Lottie's in the hope she still had the same pair.

I was torn between pairs, while the preview pair might not have been for me, there was certainly some difficult decisions to be had once I had seen the other designs on the website.Finally after much deciding I wanted to for the blue pair of Forbury Gardens, they were cute and had the heel that I wanted (again I will chat about that later) so I ran quickly over to Lottie's to discover that the independent stockists got some different colours.

Instantly I knew I had to get the green pair of Forbury Gardens, they were perfect, I felt the green worked well with the grass and everything was just so me I was delighted. Fastest checkout ever and they arrived the very next day.

Now onto the heels, when looking at the website it was very subtle but there was two different inserts for the heels. The one which we saw on the preview which is perfectly spring and Easter with little mushroom houses and tiny little bunnies surrounded by a mass of colourful flowers.

Then onto the pair we have today in one heel we have a deer which takes up most of the room with a little ladybird and more colourful flowers. In the other heel we have a similar sort of set up except we have a giraffe. Right again being honest, giraffes are one of my favourite animals I love them but why the hell is one in my garden and why is he with a deer? This is so odd its surreal.

Constructively I do with the giraffe was a little more prominent in the heel as there is quite a bit of open space as the little ladies are gorgeous but small. I have tried to take as many photos as possible so you can have a look and see what you think.

Onto the uppers themselves, the glitter on these is simply stunning, with them changing colour a good three of four times from when I first took them out of the box, I thought they were going to be very dark, green/black but actually we have a really hint of blue in there aswel.

The hearts are one of my favourite things the are so puffy and squishy. Each one is different as the way the fabric moves and cracks creates a completely different pattern on each individual one. I also love the heart buckle on the strap, this is something I spoke about recently on my Minnie and Mickey heels. They are single handedly the most difficult pair to get on and off because of the buckle. I am pleased to say that this pair is nothing like that, the heart is much wider and so easy to get on and off.

Now onto the sizing, as always I went for my usual UK 6.5 (EU40) with these and they fit excellently. There is a very small gap at the back when I walk in these but they are help firmly on with the strap so there is no need to size down in these at all. I think they are slightly more forgiving than the cage heels which is great for me.

I hope you don't think I have been too critical of these shoes, I love them I really do but I equally think it is important to show my honest opinions on certain aspects of it or this whole blogging process becomes a little redundant.

Thank you again for reading, please let me know what you think in the comments or over on our Facebook page: HERE

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