Fancy That Party People - Irregular Choice

Welcome along to the first blog of 2018! I wanted to start the year off right and at the moment I have a rare occurrence where I don't seem to have any pairs of shoes in the post. Alot of S/S lines are being introduced this week so while we wait in anticipation I thought I would visit an old favourite from 2017.

Fancy That Party People were originally launched in 2014 as a Schuh exclusive. While they were popular they didn't quite hit the demand of recent times and in the years following we saw many a pair invade auction sites for large sums of money. That was until mid 2017 when two lovely independent stockists Twisted Alice and Labyrinth treated us to an exclusive re-run.

It was highly anticipated and tested our fastest finger first as sizes sold out in seconds on both sites. I honestly don't know how I managed it but I finally had my hands on a pair that I never thought I would be able to own. I will rarely to never pay over RRP for a pair of shoes (but there is no judgement in those who do) so I was delighted with these.

They were a pre-order so I had to wait a few weeks until they arrived but I didn't mind. I had waited long enough already this wasn't going to matter.

The design on these is very simple but as always the fabric choice is exceptional! From head to toe the shoe is covered in mermaid like iridescent scales which shimmer and catch the light at every given opportunity. This is complimented excellently with an oversized bow in a glittering white which matches the heel.

I already had a pair of Lazy Rivers in the iridescent colour so I really wasn't sure how they would compare, would they be too similar? Do I really need both? Ok well the answer is Yes! They might be made out of the same fabric but they really do offer something different.

While I enjoy the comfort of Lazy Rivers I always enjoy the way my foot shapes in slightly higher heels. As you might have seen with my Ban Joe reviews I am also quite keen on a slightly bigger bow at the front of the shoe so these are absolutely perfect for me.

I have done a couple of comparison photographs for you to see the main differences between the two pairs, the most obvious is the heel height. Lazy Rivers come up at a 6cm heel while the FTPP are more like a 10cm heel.

Size wise I ordered my usual size of UK 6.5 (EU40) and they fit just fine, slight gaping at the heel but not enough to size down and the straps do a really good job of keeping your foot in place which is brilliant for me.   

Overall I love them. They are really going to stand out from the crowd anywhere they are worn but they are comfortable and practical enough for wearing all day and night long without worrying.

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