Eternally Grateful Shoes - Irregular Choice Toy Story Collection

Katt Dandy

Welcome to the second Irregular Choice and Toy Story collaboration blog. I have a little bit more time to sit and reflect in this blog as my other 'Arch Enemies' post (HERE) was all written in complete excitement of not only being able to visit a launch and see everything but actually having such amazing shoes in my hand on the day of release.

Now over the next week or so I am going to be trying to blog about as much of the Toy Story range as I can muster. I know launch days can be completely crazy and its always a rush to buy everything you want but I want to make sure that anyone that was on the fence or wants to see some real life photos get the opportunity before everything sells out.

There will be a little something for everybody in the blogs, from heels to flats, bags to pouches and for the very first time we even have tights coming! (Tho we will have to wait and see how they fit) So please remember if you do want to see anything specific then get in touch with us via our Facebook or Instagram.

So now that there is time to reflect a little I think the launch went really well! I know the last couple of Disney launches have been a bit hit and miss for people but I really do think that the majority of people found something they liked from the collection. That being said, alot of designs and sizes actually sold out on various websites which I think is great. It's so nice to see people excited about a collection and sharing and talking about it.

Anyway lets move on to the shoes. Last time out I did some statement heels so I thought I would mix it up this time and talk about my only pair of flats purchased from this collection. Now I actually think that these might be the first pair of Disney flats I actually keep. You might have seen a few other blogs before on 'Mickey and Friend' and 'Star Wars' but they have gone off to live with these forever homes. These on the other hand are staying with me.

The Aliens are one of my favourite characters in Toy Story so I knew I had to have something of theirs from the launch regardless. We all know my feelings on the lack of Slinky Dog so these will have to do. The Eternally Grateful range came in the shoes, a pouch and the purse. For some reason the purse was an Irregular Choice exclusive but I did manage to get the shoes from the launch at Lottie's Atik.

So these were my favourites from all the flats that were available. Around the front of each shoe you have the iconic alien face with his little antenna and three eyes. I think these were also my favourite because the design felt actually apart of the shoes rather than just a shoe with the character placed on top.

Along the side we have the most amazing alien fabric. Now I must say these Toy Story fabrics that we have seen in parts of the collection have been incredible. I love each and every one.

Towards the back of the shoe we have the iconic pizza planet symbol surrounded by stars. This finishes off the shoe nicely over the bright gold glitter heel.

Now please excuse my photos of the soles, I have already worn these out before I photographed them so they have a little wear and tear but still look amazing. I love the soles on these and they might be one of my favourites from the collection. Maybe I should have given them a bit of protection before heading out but I don't tend to sole protect any of my other pairs.

Sizing and fit wise, I bought these in my usual size 40 and they fit absolutely fine. There always seems to be a rumour going around that you need to size up in these but I have never found that to be true.

Instantly after putting them on they felt comfy, a little stiff but nothing in comparison to flat shoes of the past. I wish the same could be said for the end. By the time I was heading home in them they were starting to rub the front of my feet a little, nothing crazy and they didn't ever cut me but I will need to wear them maybe once or twice more for them to be fully broken in. As I say a huge improvement from Irregular Choice flats of the past, they would be agony on first wear and these were much better than that.

So what do you think? Do you like these? Which has been your favourite pair from the collection? Was there anything else you were hoping for, please let me know!

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