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Hello and welcome to the latest blog all about the brand new Erstwilder launch.

This time we are focusing on the endangered animals for this launch. Animal collections always go down really well with the Erstwilder community and I'm sure some of these will capture your hearts in the same way.

For this collection we are treated to twelve brooches, one necklace and one set of earrings. This is becoming the standard size for most collections and I think it fills lots of needs.

There is a real variety in colour in the collection as a whole, I really like it when there is a diverse range of acrylics used and this has hit all the buttons for me.

In this collection there is the brooches that really stand out for me in the way they are manufactured and that is the frog and the penguin.

I have tried to get an up close photo of the penguin but unlike other brooches in the collection these seem to be moulded out of resin rather than having each piece glued to another. This makes the overall finish of it really smooth and beautiful and really adds another dimension to the brooch.

The penguin earrings are still constructed in the normal way you would expect from Erstwilder but I think this is more due to their size than anything.

Another thing I love about the collection is the use of acrylics, they have been very modest and in keeping with the natural beauty of each animal rather than trying to go too over the top with the vibrant or patterned pieces.

Overall I think the collection ticks alot of boxes and showcases some animals we haven't really seen before. It is also nice to see an animal collection that isn't full of recoloured pieces.

As always I like to pick my top three from each collection. It isn't an easy task this time as there is four I really love.

The penguin draws me in with how beautiful and smooth the finish is, the red panda is always my favourite animal to visit at Chester Zoo so that one holds happy memories and finally the tiger. It is in real life simply beautiful!

What do you think of the collection? Let me know which are your top three pieces?

Remember you can shop the whole collection with Lottie and Lu right HERE

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