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Dream Kiss

THIS is what I've been waiting for! I don't think I have ever been more excited for a pair of shoes to arrive than these! A couple of blogs ago you might remember me wishing for Irregular Choice to push themselves out the box once more, asking for less repeats of character heels and more new things well I think the A/W season is going to be the best yet! From the ones already available to buy combined with the sneak peeks and upcoming collaboration with Rock 'n' Roll Bride I am on the edge of my seat waiting for new things to hit the website!

The pair I am going to talk about today are my first pair from the Autumn/Winter collection. I had  seen these as yet another leak on these via Instagram and wasn't 100% sure if these could even be a real thing, they looked far too fabulous. I am so glad to say they are and were announced officially in America first from Ashbury Skies (Here). I couldn't risk missing out on these so took the decision to order them from America. I wasn't making the same mistake as with 'Shirley Bass' and being left without a pair.

I am pleased to say they arrived in super quick time, and I couldn't be happier. They have still not been announced in the UK yet, tho I have heard its imminent. This is why I'm keen to get this blog up for anyone considering them so you are fully informed of sizing and comfort.

Now onto the shoes themselves, for anybody that knows me, these are pretty much me, in shoe form. I am Unicorn crazy and love anything bright and over the top. I think these shoes tick all three of those boxes. I have my fare share of unicorn heel from IC but I'm so happy they have dome something completely different with these. We were in need of new and show stopping shoes and these are it. They follow the same pattern as 'Stanley' the dogs, but have been a little more elaborate and used one of their famous clear perspex heels.

These is very few designs that surpass my expectation and these do just that. I gasped out loud when I got them out the box. In a mix of excitement and anticipation, trying my best not to ruin the beautiful new tissue paper in the process. They are here and they are perfect.

The uppers are made up of a beautiful pearlescent collection of fabrics, the striking pastel colours combine together beautifully accumulating in the most unique unicorn head at the front of the shoe. The Unicorn head itself it made up entirely out of fabric with a unique tassel mane. My honest opinion is that I could take of leave the mane as it might just flap about in the wind. It doesn't affect the shoe at all but understandably I can see why they wanted to give the unicorns some illusion of hair as without anything at all it might look a little too plain.

The Unicorn is surprisingly stable and doesn't tend to move around from side to side when wearing which is nice, I think the longer than you have them out of the box the better they will look as they are not continually being stored on one side.

Another aspect of the shoe the I love is the tassel tail, on stock photos I was worries that it was going to be too long and I would end up standing on it but i'm pleased to say that its the perfect length, long enough to create some drama when you walk but not enough to trip you up. Excellent news!

Now onto fit and comfort which are the two things most people are going to want to know before they order. Size wise I am always a UK 6.5 (EU40) and I'm pleased to say that with these I am no exception. The shoes fit perfectly in length and there isn't much room for you foot to slip out which is nice. The seem where you toes are at first wear is a little tight and I found that it could cause a little discomfort during a long wear, but I have tried these on about 4-5 times now to make sure I'm getting it right and I can already feel that part has eased.

I absolutely adore a perspex heel so I'm more then happy that this pair has one. The heel height for perspex heels is nearly 9cm, which is a little lower than some of the character heels but if you own any other perspex heels then you shouldn't have a problem with these at all. There doesn't seem to be a solid platform in these but there is a good 1cm or so of padding which will help anyone who isn't the most comfortable in heels.

With this being my first ever purchase from the A/W range I was just as exciting to see the box and sole as I was to see the shoes. I had seen on the stock photograph that it looked like to have an underwater themed sole, but after being disappointed in the problems S/S collection I wasn't building my hopes up until arrival. I did squeal a little when I saw thew box, it is amazing, just what I was hoping for, back to the classic IC designs and I love it. The sole is also possibly one of my all time favourite

After seeing this and the other early releases, I think the A/W collection is going to be one of the best seasons to date and I really can't wait to see what other tricks Irregular Choice have up their sleeve.

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