Disco Bunnies - Green

Disco Bunnies - Green

These were easily one of my most searched for pairs from the last year. One of those pairs that you wish you had seen come on sale so you could save yourself days of searching. It was only by pure luck that I have these beauties in my possession. They became available on a Facebook selling site and the kind seller knew I was looking for these. I fear if they had gone on the infamous bidding site they might have outstretched my budget.

Its always a little concerning when you have to buy second hand, will they fit, are they in the condition expected and obviously there is no returns policy so what happens if they just aren't as beautiful in the flesh? Well I am ecstatic to report that these are perfect. I actually gasped when I took them out the box and that isn't something that I do all too often now. They were just as I imagined.

They were originally released on Halloween (October 31st) 2014, The same time as Fluffy Tail, (which I'm desperately in search of), and Trixy our Unicorn friend, who you can read all about HERE. They came in three different colourways, the green which I'm talking about today, a multicoloured sequined pair and an all black pair, which I'm also lucky enough to own.

Its hard to say if these are one of the most bold uppers that Irregular Choice has put with a character heel, but I would certainly say its very close. The shape of the shoe is a classic that Irregular Choice have used multiple times for different heels. they match Flopsy, Jingles and Rupiez but while those other three have stayed relatively simple and classic these are full blown sparkle!

Covered from top to toe in amazing mermaid like sequins they can look like two different pairs just by the trick of the light. They are forever changing and shimmering, this combined with the bold gold heel is a match that somehow works. The sequins are black on one side and a mix of Green/Blue on the other so in certain situations they can somehow almost look dull with the black and the deeper blue, but it isn't long before the green comes out to play and they are back to their outrageous selves.

Its the first pair that to me seems to have its own status among the character heels, I know that sounds rather silly but even looking at them now they just look expensive. I understand no character heel comes cheep but these almost feel like they are in a league of their own, a more opulent pair. This might be because of the amount of work required for the sequins, the fact they have been on my most wanted for so long or I'm finally going shoe mad, but this is the only way I can use to describe them.

Now onto the important facts and figures of these beauties. Normally I find it quite simple to run through sizes but as you might be able to tell from the photos the Black pair I have are a EU41 and the Green a EU40. Now I must say that my normal Irregular Choice size is a UK6.5 (EU40) but because both styles are quite sought after you take what you can get right? Well I got the black pair first, shipped from Dolls Kill in America and the only pair they had left were the 41 so I went for it, and they fit. When the green pair became available in the 40 I didn't even think twice about it they were going to be mine, and they fit.

I know everybody had a different preference in fit but I still wouldn't recommend sizing up in these if you don't need to. The EU40 fit and are a tiny bit snug around the toes, and I mean a tiny bit. Nothing one wear wouldn't fix. The EU41 also fit, and are alot more comfortable around the toes, but I am a little concerned they too might stretch over time. I mentioned earlier about this style of Irregular Choice upper being used many times before and it is easily one of my favorites because it does allow you to go up a size with a bit more confidence knowing that they wont be falling off. Because of the almost full coverage of the foot along with the laces it give you so many more options when hunting for a pair. My advice is to stick with your normal size, but if the size bigger does come up they will be perfectly comfortable and fine to wear also.

The heel height for these are the same as the Hop Along I have reviewed earlier. They have a 12cm heel which is one of the highest of the character heels, but with a small hidden wedge it doesn't post too much of an issue for the seasoned professional in heels. The good thing about the Bunnies is that because of their shape they are almost wedge like so they are secure and stable under your feet.

I hope this blog has shown you how much I am in love with these, I am seriously on a bunny ban after this pair (unless Fluffy Tail make an appearance in my size) as these are my 6th pair of Bunny Heels. I do hope that Irregular Choice will give them a slight rest for a while and introduce some new and exciting animals for us to lust over.

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