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Ice Cream Sundae Heels.

Welcome to the first character heel blog of 2018. So far this season we have been treated to a huge number of amazing new styles but this is the first chance we have had to see what the new concept heel collections are going to be like for the Spring/Summer season.

As we know from time to time we get an amazing new shoe but with a heel that we have seen before, or has been reworked to make it look extra fabulous, well I'm so excited to say that today we got none of those things. Completely new character heels is one of my favourite parts about the brand. I love them and these are no exception.

The whole collection was launched at the usual 12pm on Friday 23rd of February. We were treated to three completely different styles in six different colourways. Ice and a Slice, Arctic Roll (which I will talk about in another blog a little later) and the shoes we are reviewing today Deckchair Diva.

People have been telling me that this is going to be the best season yet for anything outrageous and extravagant and judging by this I think they are right. This whole collection was right on point for me. Even come 12pm I didn't know which ones I was going to order. I could afford two pairs and no more, I needed to be strong.

Deckchair Diva was the absolute stand out for me. I would have gone for it in both colours if I could (and still might yet). Closely followed by Arctic Roll. This is where I struggled with which colour to go for, normally I love a bright shoe but I wasn't sure about the colours of the pom poms, so I opted for the blue. Having seen the pink in real life I don't think the stock photos do it any justice at all.

Finally Ice and a Slice were not really on my list for considering, I wasn't sure why but something just didn't feel right. Now that the shoes have started to arrive and everyone was showing off their amazing new purchases I realise how wrong I was to discount them. The orange is incredible and an absolute show stopper.

Right now onto these shoes themselves. The main part of the upper is made from one amazing purple fabric dotted with bright white hearts to give a contrasting pastern. At both the front and back we have added detailed design which really sets off the shoe. The front is made of up a set of 6 very different but very complimenting fabrics which really stand out from the rest of the shoe. It might just be me but from the top I feel the fabrics almost make like a snake like shape, which I love.

To finish off the shoes you have two large gold wings which join together with a pair of beautiful purple laces to finish off the shoe. For getting them I find I have to get the laces to open really wide in order to get my foot in, once they are on they fasten really well and with lots of room left in the laces which is great.

Now onto easily my favourite bit, the heel. Seeing it up close it is alot more detailed than you expect. One of the parts that stand out for me is the red and white spiral actually inside the cone. I think my favourite bit had to be the little teddies that are used as sprinkles in the ice cream, these are so kawaii and I bloomin' love them.

Lastly the all important sizing and heel advice. I ordered these in my usual size UK 6.5 (EU40) and they fit perfectly, there is maybe the smallest amount of room, but they don't feel big as with the pointed toe I like a little extra wiggle room. The laces also keep your foot in place so it is not moving about all over the place.

The heel height is is around 10.5cm but with a 1.5cm heel there are nowhere near the tallest of the character heels and they don't feel all that high when you have them on. You wouldn't even notice that you were walking on Ice Creams and they are comfortable which is great.

Overall what do you think? Which was your favourite pair from the collection? If you would like to get in touch leave a comment below or head over to our Facebook page: HERE

Thank you again for taking the time to read, I would love to hear your opinions.

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