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Welcome to our second new season blog of 2018. I feel like we are finally getting into the full swing of the 2018 Spring/Summer season.

We are caught a little bit in the awkward stage at the moment as we are all eagerly awaiting for any new launch, but maybe not too much as my bank balance can't quite cope if we get three or four amazing pairs out at the same time.

Now you might know that I famously say I don't buy flat shoes. I don't quite see the value in them in the same way I do for heels.Of course there have been some exceptions such as Ground Control which I absolutely love.

The second I saw these I knew that they too were going to be one of my very rare pairs of flats. How could you not be tempted by these, they are amazing.

Clowning Around comes in two different colours, the black and white pair which we are talking about today and a red and white pair. Normally I would always lean towards the more bright and vibrant colours but this time the black and white really seemed to stand out for me and I'm so pleased with my choice.

At the front of each shoe we have a beautifully stitched clown. Each with a different expression of the traditional theatre depiction of comedy and tragedy. Off to the side of the clown we have three lonely balloons floating from a string. The remainder of the shoe is made up from a striking black and white striped fabric.

Now I know that there is quite alot of people who absolutely hate these and have quite a fear of clowns so it is quite a change from the normal Irregular Choice style that we are used to seeing in recent times. This for me is moving slightly into a darker theme, especially for a S/S line; which I absolutely love by the way.

People keep telling me that this is going to be the most Irregular season yet and so far it is looking promising!

It does also seem that Irregular Choice have worked on improving the initial comfort of the shoes with this pair. Most pairs of flats people buy need a little breaking in to fit the feet or become comfortable. While I don't always see this as a problem I can completely understand that this can be off-putting for alot of people.

The fabric on the heel of these shoes seems to be softer than previous seasons which should help with keeping the blisters away. They also have a fully cushioned insole which is so comfortable for your feet and provides a little bit of support so you don't feel like you are walking on bare concrete.

Onto the sizing, now for this I went with my usual size. UK 6.5 (EU40) and they are a little roomy.I actually think I could easily warrant sizing down in these as my feet do tend to slip out of the back when I'm walking but I will be trying to wear these with socks or tights to help me out a little bit. If you are between sizes then I would highly recommend sizing down in these.

So what do you think? Do you love these or hate them? I would love to know what you think! Leave a comment below or head on over to our Facebook page: HERE

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