Chip and Dale Bag - Mickey and Friends

Chip and Dale Bag

My final Mickey and Friends delivery arrived today so it only seems fitting that I do a blog on one of the many beautiful bags in the collection.

This is really the first time that Irregular Choice have added accessories to a Disney collection and what a great addition that was. There was a handful on stunning bags aswel as matching purses! This was great for people like me who LOVE matching things. Having said that, looking back on the items I went for this time I didn't actually manage to get a matching pair/set of anything, which I'm a little disappointed in myself for.

Chip and Dale was one of the few 'Friends' to be featured in the collection, and made an appearance on a pair of  flat shoes, this bag and an oh so cute matching purse (which I'm still on the hunt for). Personally I feel that Chip and Dale has been one of the most popular sets as the bag and the purse sold out almost instantly and they hunt has been on every since to find them.

This completely slipped my radar on the initial launch and it wasn't until I saw more photos of the bag that I really had to have it. Luckily I managed to find a bag at RRP from Amazon but unfortunately these have been seen on a certain bidding site for quite a bit more!

Onto the bag itself, it features my absolute favourite fabric from the launch, its the same fabric used on the Sherbet Ice Cream heels which I completely adore! Its bright summer floral print that covers most of the front and back is just beautiful!

The main feature of this bag is the large stitched Chip and Dale head that almost completely covers the entire front of the bag. Topped off with the over hanging acorn clasp it just oozes cuteness! 

I must admit that while I was impressed when I opened the parcel I wasn't completely blown away! I feel that the bag as a whole is a little unrefined. The patches they have been used for the heads are a little but scruffy looking with the odd bit just looking a tad untidy. Its not something you notice from a distance at all but when you get up close and personal I would have just liked it to be a little neater.

Let me know what you think as I might be feeling slightly over critical, as I has build this up in my head to be the bag of all bags. Also when I compare it to the Pluto bag from the same collection Pluto wins hands down, its smooth sleek and looks visually perfect. In my photographs I have tried my best to show the bag in all its glory, messiness and all but would love to hear what you think.

Both the Pluto bag and the Chip and Dale bag are the same size which was a little smaller than I thought, there is still more than enough room to store everything you could possibly need in it, I'm just more used to the larger Irregular Choice bags. It wont stop me using it at all as it will be nice to have a slightly less cumbersome bag to carry around.

Thank you again for reading, I hope I wasn't too negative in this one but I feel its always important to say as I see, and I'm still in love with little Chip and Dale!

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