Cherry Deers - Fawns and Bambi

Cherry Deers - Fawn Heel

I must start by saying that these are the shoes that truly ignited my passion with Irregular Choice and more specifically Irregular Choice character heels. My blue Cherry Deers were the first ever pair of Irregular Choice shoes I had ever bought after admiring them in the Schuh shops for weeks on end.

For me at the time it was a silly amount to spend on one pair of shoes but I kept coming back and coming back to look at them each time I passed. Once I had them in my head I knew I would only regret it if I didn't buy them. Now I am glad as they are one of the more sought after Character styles being snapped up quickly if a pair ever makes an appearance second hand.

Irregular Choice released the Cherry Deers in three different colours. Blue, Black and a harder to find Brown. They also used the same heel for their Fawn range and Angel Cakes range which consisted of a few different colours. (I have all black glitter Fawns and the half glitter half flower Fawns aswel as Angel Cakes)

I was debating between the blue and the black for a while before I went ahead but not being one to shy away from colours and having an outfit all ready for them meant that it was a no brainer really, but both the black and brown are still on my wish list.

They are one of the highest heels in the character range with the heel height measuring just over 12cm. Although they do have a concealed platform they do feel like tall heels. I remember being quick shocked when I tried them on at how tall they felt. I don't think it helped that the pair I had one were a little tight. Now I don't have a problem walking in them.

As they were my first pair I ordered them in usual size of a 7 later finding out this is a 6.5 in Irregular Choice (EU40) and after trying them on I left that they were quite tight around the toes so I eventually bit the bullet and exchanged them for a EU41 which fit much better around the toes and gives them more room. The straps allow them to stay secured on your feet with no concern for them slipping off so I would size up in this particular style.

I love the fabric used for these shoes, they are quite a simple design but the fabric really makes the shoes. The cherries on the front really add a little extra. A word of warning for the cherries is that they are known to fall off during wear. If I was you I would remove them and re-glue them before their first adventure out, as I would be heartbroken if one fell off during wear.

The fawns themselves are rather large which creates almost a full wedge heel. This does make them really sturdy and easy to walk in as you have so much contact with the floor. They are almost like a cute little bambi curled up in a corner away from the elements. The nose falls inline with the edge of the heel which means that there is less chance to get them bashed. I know many people have had to paint over the nose as they get rubbed in the box so its with keeping an eye on it.

In summary, they really are the most beautiful pair of heels, if you do get a chance to grab a pair please remember you should try and size up if possible, but more of all enjoy them and show them off.

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