Call Me Elijah Handbag - Lottie's Atik Exclusive!

Katt Dandy

Hello and welcome to a very excitable blog post. As some of you may have seen we have been teasing this blog post now for a few days so I hope you are as excited as I am to share it all with you.

Today we are going to be talking about the infamous Call Me Elijah handbag. Now this is something I could only dream of. I have seen them go on bidding sites for way way beyond my budget and never really thought I would get the opportunity to own one.

Now this is where Lottie's Atik came in! Today, right now is the launch of her BRAND NEW shoe store in Lincoln (Lottie's Shoe Room), and what better way to launch a new shop than with an exclusive Irregular Choice bag.

You may remember other exclusives such a purple Ban Joes or the re-run of the Magic Pony bag so I was beyond excited to once again being involved in another exclusive launch.

Call Me Elijah was originally launches a good few years ago now so I know lots of people have been hunting this for a long time. It isn't identical to the original but for me still ticks all the boxes.

The main focus of the bag is of course the stunning Elijah, a decedent elephant beautifully stitched in full glory (and sparkle of course). She takes up almost the entirety of the front of the bag and is obviously what the bag is all about.

Behind her is a deep blue patterned fabric which covers both the front and back of the bag with just a few extra details at the sides and bottom.

Across the whole top row of the bag we are treated to full glitter band, edged in a matching pom pom bunting which adds a little bit of an extra layer to the bag itself. Centered off that band is a large silver jewel which tops it off nicely.

The shape of the bag is a familiar one to those of us who have seen launches over the years, it is the same size as the Chip and Dale bag from the Disney launch or the planet bag we saw earlier in the month. I would say that it is a medium sized day/night bag. You can fit everything you could need in there so it isn't small but might not be suitable for those of us who like to carry far too much out with us on a day out.

The bag also comes with an adjustable strap which is perfect for me, as I much prefer wearing these over my shoulder.

The design of the clasps means there is no zip to this bag but as you can see from the photos it operates a double popper system which means that not only is it easy to get into for the person using it but it stays secure.

So.. what do you think? Has it lived up to all your expectations? I would love to know what you think! Please drop us a line via Facebook to share your thoughts.

Thank you again for stopping by and having a read. As a Thank You I have teamed up with Lottie from Lottie's Atik and can offer an exclusive discount code on the amazing Elijah handbag. Head over the page: HERE and use the code: THINKINGELIJAH for an amazing discount!!

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