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Call Me Cinders

This is it, the shoes that I have wanted even before I knew they existed. Ok not really but you get my point, these are the ones I have been longing for from the Cinderella collection. With the lack of character heels in this collection these were the closest we are going to get but my gosh are they worth it.

Due to manufacturing issues this pair were not available on the original launch date a few weeks ago but instead were going to be ready two weeks later. As you may have read before I have relied a lot on independent stockist this time as I was holiday when Cinders was realised. Well for these it was no exception.

Some independent stockists had these available to pre-order from last month and I wasn't about to take any chances so this is what I did. I was actually on a plane about to take off when 12pm hit so being very naughty, and at a time when I should have been in airplane mode I just and only just managed to go onto the Twisted Alice website and order a pair. It was a huge relief that the pair I needed were going to be mine, and I didn't care how long I needed to wait.

As I have said before these are the only pair in the Cinderella collection that have been a little bit more bold, normally we are treated to an array of weird and wonderful character heels but this time it has been a little more subdued, with the exception of these of course.

The heel itself is based on an older design by Irregular Choice the Glissade ballerina shoes which are simply stunning. Unfortunately I have never managed to get my hands on a pair which made getting these this morning all the more special.

The upper design itself is very simple, but with a flamboyant fabric choice. The fabric on these matched some of other designs in the collection but most people will recognise it from the cushioned sole from the inside of the shoe. It is a very Disney fabric with the infamous castle repeated throughout on the light blue and cloud-like fabric.

For the bottom of the shoe we are treated to a think silver glitter wedge that moves to create a picture frame for the main attraction, a slightly curved window in which we can see Cinderella in all her dancing glory. The detail on Cinderella is fantastic and you really can see all the features of her face which is impressive at such a small scale. I have one small criticism of Cinderella herself, I don't like the glitter dress, I would have liked to have seen an light matt blue dress inline with the films but that's just me.

Now as I am sure you all know, there Cinders are a little special and underneath the shoes they is a wind up mechanism which allows Cinderella to spin beautifully in your shoes. Unfortunately Disney wouldn't allow music with this pair but you can see where the music box is from the previous Glissade pair.

I searched the box thoroughly when opening as the ballerina pair which these are based on had a number of problems and Irregular Choice used to send out a warning message with them. They used to be incredibly fragile and sometimes the beautiful ballerinas would snap never to be replaced. There wasn't a warning with these and I'm hoping that part of the delay was making them more stable and less fragile but I will be treating these with care and love and would recommend you do the same. I have seen many ladies receiving these shoes in the past day or two and as of yet no problem so lets keep our fingers crossed.

After ordering them I was quite concerned that I had gone with the wrong size. I am usually a UK 6.5 (EU40) and I'm a bit of a none believer about sizing up in certain styles, even more so recently as IC seem to have less variance in sizing. Most people were saying you might need to go up a size or even two!! I don't even think they made them in a 42 so panic was setting in. I am so glad to report when trying them on this morning they fit perfectly. You really have to widen the laces to get them on as they are a little narrow but my feet when in without complaint.

Now I must say that if you did size up I still think these would fit equally well as there wasn't any wriggle room in my pair and with the lace up front they will stay in your feet even a size up which is nice to know. I think the problem lies if you have wider feet, I'm fortunate enough not to have wider feet but I think you might struggle with these are they are quite narrow, but I would love to hear from any ladies with wider feet who have these.

As for all the facts and figures which we all love, the heel height on these is a whopping 14,5cm but luck enough for those who don't enjoy toe torture, the platform is around 4cm. This makes them slightly higher than some in the collection but still easy enough to walk in. They feel secure on your feet and with the very soft fabric inside they feel well padded which is good.

If you are anything like me (clumsy) you might struggle with these a little. Due to the wedge same the sole in all in one piece, much like any wedges. I'm fine prancing around the house in these but I would have to put my thinking head on if I was to wear these on uneven surfaces. This is nothing against these shoes personally as I am the same with most chunky wedges but that still won't be putting me off in the slightest.

So what do you think? I hope my photos have done them justice and I would love to see your pairs from the collection. In conclusion. They are everything you can ever want from a pair of Irregular Choice shoes. Especially a Disney pair.

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