Blushing Bird - Flamingo Heels

Blushing Bird - Flamingo Heels

I'm really quite excited to be writing this about my first pair from the S/S 16 collection! I had heard rumors a few weeks ago about amazing flamingo heels, but with the pending release of the Alice collection I thought it might have been tied in with that.

I know quite a few people had concerns about these heels and hopefully I can answer as many questions as possible about them.

The Flamingo heels have been released as three different types this time, which I think pleases alot of people who struggle to find character heel boots. There was three different colourways for the name 'Blushing Bird', two more subdued colour styles with a strap called 'Flamenco' and two pairs of boots called 'Roseus'.

Without seeing the full styles before release at 12pm last Friday, it was hard to make up your mind before they all went live on the website, with the usual scramble for the larger sizes in all styles. I instantly fell in love with these ones as I felt they had a beautiful Japanese style about them which is what drew me to them.

They arrived quickly this morning (Monday) and I couldn't wait to get them out of the box. Opening new shoes is always one of my favorite moments, would they wow me? are they as good as the online photos? Well these did not disappoint! The first thing I noticed was actually how dainty and delicate the flamingos looked! With alot of the other character heels the base of the character is quite large and can almost make them feel wedge like, these looked more elegant and just lovely. Of course giving them a good shake to make sure they are going to hold my weigh (no reason why they wouldn't) 

The uppers follow the same formula as the recently released Trixy's or Bunnykins with a lovely bow taking pride of place at the front of the shoe. I have to admit these are one of my favorite uppers ever! Even without the flamingo heel I think I would still be in love with them. I always go on about how detailed the stitching is on Irregular Choice and these are no exception at all!

With them being a style im used to I only ordered them in my normal size (UK 6.5 - EU40) and they fit with no problems at all, I do feel that they are on the boarder of sizing up, but nothing a good wear wouldn't stretch out of them.

The biggest concern about these shoes was that they would go the same way at the Ballerina shoes and we would constantly be seeing photos online of poor headless flamingos. Admittedly that was my concern when buying them also but as I live in a flat it wasn't going to be too detrimental. I think once I saw them my mind was at rest a little, the head doesn't stick out as much as I thought and does feel very strong and less flimsy than expected. I did however take them on the communal stairs in my block to try them out first hand. 

Im not sure how the width of these stairs would compare to the ones in most homes (they are a little wide) but the shoes fit on without a problem. Now don't get me wrong when walking down I was being VERY careful. I found the head cleared the step no problem but my own paranoia was scraping the head on the previous step as I was conscious not to overstep the ledge. I wouldn't go running up and down stairs in them anytime soon but if you need to navigate a set on an evening out it wouldn't be the end of the world you just have to be careful your not scratching all the paint of their noses in the process.

The only think I feel that lets these down massively is the sole, I will only say this once as im expecting all the Spring/Summer range to have this awful sole and box! Irregular Choice have admitted this wasn't the first choice as you can see from alot of stock photos, but they had to change last minuet. Well doesn't it tell, its boring, bland and can take the edge off the shoes, I feel that they could have come up with something better even in such a short time. But anyway who looks at soles anyway right?

I hope Ive managed to answer some of your questions regarding these beauties.

If you do have anymore please get in-touch and ill try my best to resolve them!

Thanks again for reading.
Katt x

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