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Welcome to Spring/Summer 2018 with a bang! The last few weeks we have seen the first couple of designs from Irregular Choice. In true tradition the first couple of shoes to hit the website are usual classic styles with a redesign for the new year.

While these are still exciting and lovely to see, as you start to get a feel for the season its always exciting when we have our first full outrageous launch. This is it.

These have cropped up online a few times in the last few weeks as one of the big retailers very rudely launched them early. Everyone else launched them on Friday afternoon and with amazingly quick shipping from Lottie's Atik these were with me early doors on Saturday!

As you know I love the more Irregular side of Irregular Choice but I was a little apprehensive about these. I love them but I had thunder calves and really struggle with any boots that are taller than my ankle so I was very worried about how high up the leg they would go, but more on that later.

I guess when you look at it the design is reasonably simple but so well executed that it just looks like something we have never seen before. A mid length boot with the top tapered into an angry shark ready to clamp down on your leg at any moment.

The boot itself is a little usual too, aswel as being open toe they are also open heel which I quite like. I would always prefer an open heel to an open toe as I'v mentioned before that I do tend to struggle with open toe shoes but I do love the open heel thing.

The main fabric is split into two parts for the upper and lower part of the shark. The upper complete with three very cute fins is make up of a very soft smooth fabric, while the bottom of the shark is more of a silver shimmering fabric. Both compliment each other excellently and really gives a good illusion of a shark.

For his face we have accents and details stitched into the fabric, topped off with a piercing red eye to finish off the whole piece.

This is also the first time I have seen the new Spring Summer sole and box in the flesh. Now being completely honest I didn't really like the sole in pictures, It just wasn't my cup of tea but in real life it is much nicer and the vibrant box really sets the tone for bringing us out of the dark winter and into something alot more bright and colourful.

To the untrained eye at a glace I think these will just look like slightly unusual black boots, but the second someone will get a proper look it will be very apparent that these are more unique than they imagined.

I wasn't really sure if you could get away with tights when wearing something like this as I think they would look so good with a little dress. I tried to do so many pictures with tights and I'm so pleased to say that because the opening at the toe isn't too big they look so damn good with tights! I have attached a couple of photos of what I'm wearing today as part of my 200 Days of Irregular Choice challenge which you can read all about HERE.

Now onto the sizing and fit advice, I ordered these in my usual UK 6.5 (EU40) and they fit like an absolute dream. They are perfectly true to size for me.

Now onto the comfort. As mentioned earlier I was so sceptical of these actually fitting and being comfortable as I felt like everything was against me, open toe and a high boot. But look... look.. they fit! This is amazing for me. Anyone that follows me on Facebook or anything like that will know I'm not thin, I don't have thin legs but these actually go round my huge calves. To say I'm delighted is a complete understatement.

I have attached a couple of photos for you ladies who are in a similar position for me so you can have a look for yourself. There is not alot of room left in them to close, but they don't do that awful thing of creasing or riding down like can so easily happen with tight boots.

I love the fact that these have yet again dived people, it's ok not to like them just as much as its ok to bloomin love them. That's what this is all about, creating something that for good or bad makes things a little more Irregular and for that I absolutely LOVE these!

Please head on over to our Facebook page HERE and let us know what you think, and show us your photos!

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