Battle with Artoo - Star Wars

Battle with Atroo - Star Wars Take Two

Not too long ago Irregular Choice announced a pending announcement hyping us up for the next big thing! What could it be? What are we getting? Well the answer is Star Wars. Hang on a minuet didn’t we just do that? What exactly would Irregular Choice be doing differently this time around?

Well I think they did exactly what they should. They made them more Irregular Choice shoes than Star Wars shoes. I know that might sound a little odd but it’s like someone finally let them loose with all the ideas that they wanted to create in the first place. You only need to look at the ‘Day of the Trooper’ heels to know that this is it.

With the past two launches there have always been an air of chaos. The website hasn’t quite performed as expected and the fan sites go crazy. This one was a little different, it seemed everyone had learnt from the past and the plan was for a much smoother and happier launch. It followed the same format as the previous two but with unfortunately no shop launch (this comes later on Wednesday) but instead of a mass free for all there was a sophisticated queuing system. You waited patiently for your turn and when you eventually got on the site you were allowed 20 mins to browse and make your purchases before ending up at the back of the line again.

I would love to hear your experiences from this as mine was stress free and I was all checked out with everything I wanted and far too much more by around 12:20. Normally I am working for these such events but this is the first time I’ve been able to be at home so it was all very exciting.

I actually ended up with this pair twice, I ordered them originally from Office at around 10.30am, way way before launch as they had been naughty and started uploading things to the website. Then only to discover at 12pm they were available from Schuh with my 15% off and free next day delivery. So here we are. Two pairs later and less than 24 hours after launch and they are on my feet.

For Star Wars take one, I missed out on the R2D2 heels after telling myself I didn’t want them, and they were far too expensive. How wrong was I! After seeing them time and time again there was a lot of regret for not nabbing a pair, and still a little regret today at not getting the originals second time round.

I had seen this particular pair on the realms of Instagram a few week ago, and I knew instantly that they were the pair for me. With them not being announced before had I had a little doubt in my mind if they were going to be real at all but thank goodness they are.

These were the only pair that I had to have…. I didn’t care what Irregular Choice had to throw at me I wasn’t compromising. Admittedly when I saw all four styles on the website I had a pang of doubt whether I needed this pair in more than one style but unfortunately my bank balance controlled that. But I am happy with my decision.

When I first took them out of the box all I could think was how big they were, some shoes hide the fact that I have reasonably long feet but these seems quite clunky getting them out the box. Once on that isnt a problem at all but I think because of the width of Artoo and his shape they are quite a good size and will certainly stand out of any display.

These shoes are so adorable in real life, R2D2 looks different than I imagined, I don’t know if that’s because he is surrounded in silver instead of blue but he is a little more unassuming than I thought. He is also alot stronger and sturdier than I imagined, he feels stable, secure and I have no concerns about walking on him.

The whole upper of the shoe is made out of a matte silver, almost chainmail like material. Its sits between being bright and being too translucent, at first glance I thought you were going to be able to see my feet through the shoes but I'm glad this isn't the case. The shoes are a scene from an out of space battle, hence the name, for me the silver represents the sky and the X-Wings are caught up in a vicious battle and these shoes are just a shapshot into that.

They are really quite beautiful shoes, The X-Wings are made out of a softer felt material, while the planets are out of a smoother shinier material and the whole thing is topped off with the odd sequin. For me being a bit of a magpie the glitter explosions at the top and bottom of the shoes are what finishes it off, the colours compliment each other perfectly and they allow the shoes to shimmer and glisten in the light.

There was a lot of talk about how high the previous R2D2 heels were and these seem to be very similar in shape with a limited platform, so quite difficult if you are not used to walking in high high heels. I tentatively tried them on when they arrived, please don't be too tall please don't be too tall. Honestly they were not as high or uncomfortable as expected, I would be very interested to hear people opinions who had the original but I'm pleasantly surprised. 

The heel height on these is one of the tallest out there at 13cm for R2DR but they have tried to soften the blow of that a little with a 2.5cm platform at the front which makes that a little more manageable, so if you are used to the height of Unicorns or Bunnies I think you will be pleasantly surprised at these.
I am always a UK 6.5 (EU40) in Irregular Choice, and while I managed to end up with two pairs of these they were both that size. I found they fit perfectly and actually were not as tight to get my toes in as say Trixys, but they feel secure on my feet and would advice sticking with your original size.

The soles on these pair are exactly the same as they were first time around as is the box. Now don’t get me wrong they are both beautiful (you might have read me swoon over the box in a previous post) but I would have loved to see them change it this time. I guess this is reflected in the price as they are considerably cheaper than the first set and more along the same lines of the Alice in Wonderland range. I shouldn’t be too grumpy about it but you know how much I love a good box and sole!

In Summary what can I say, they are gorgeous, comfier than expected and to me are simply a piece of art. I was quite nervous in photographing these as I wanted to do them justice. If you love Star Wars and you love Irregular Choice then these or quite frankly any of the other R2D2 shoes are just perfect.

Please keep your eyes peeled as I have another Four pairs to review when they arrive from Irregular Choice.

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