Barnacle Betty

Barnacle Betty

I am so excited to be reviewing this pair today. If you were to create pair of shoes just for me these would be pretty damn close to everything I could wish for. If this is a sign of whats to come from the Autumn/Winter collection then Irregular Choice can just take all my money now.

For those of you that don't know these are based on a little mini series as I like to call them. First in 2015 we started off with Tiny Ted, then closely followed by Pretty Poodle in both pink and black. Now finally we have the fourth in the collection Barnacle Betty. I like little mini collections like that through the years as it doesn't just feel like its a new colourway of an existing style, because the main feature animal changed with each release it's a nice change from year to year.

This year I do feel like Irregular Choice have outdone themselves. In previous years the have always used a beautiful almost iridescent fabric and this year is no exception. It is easily my favourite fabric choice to date. For those who read regularly you will know I'm like a magpie with these things anyway.

On the very front of the shoe you have not one but two different images. A beautiful blue mermaid on one and a sweet little seahorse on the other. I am still holding out for Irregular Choice to bring me a seahorse character heel so lets keep our fingers crossed. They act as a t-bar reaching up to hold an cute little ankle strap.

One of the things that makes these stand out a little from previous years is the extra added detail. On these I love the new additions of the flowers under the stitching and the little cluster of pearls that match the headband of our mermaid. I think these really add so much to the design with it being too much and overpowering the look of the shoes. 

As I have mentioned before I always seem to struggle with ankle straps on shoes, I recently had to send back my Kitty Paws pair because there was nit a chance in hell I could do them up properly. I'm not sure if its because I have a high instep, combined with the fact I have 'cuddly' ankles but they just don't work for me.

These on the other hand are brilliant, they fit without a worry and these is lots of extra room on the strap which fills me with confidence my ankles are not going to look like trapped sausages. Recently I know we have had a spate of cute little love heart straps, while aesthetically they look great these was no way I could get in or out of my shoes in a hurry. I'm pleased to report we have a good old fashioned square buckle with these and sturdy too. After a long night I could be out of these and in bed within 10 seconds. Always a plus for me.

In the interests of a complete review I have to tell you about my only minor disappointment. It's silly really. When they arrived I was so excited to see the new A/W box that's been floating about online. Along with the new sole that's always my favourite part of any new season. To my shock and despair (OK not really) it was the S/S bunny that greeted me. That's fine, he's cute. I just wanted a new sole, but I'm sure one will be on its way to me sooner or later.

Now onto fit advice, as normal I ordered my usual size a UK 6.5 (EU40) and they fit perfectly. The ankle strap and t-bar give the slight impression of a boot so they feel secure on my feet and I'm not worried about them falling off or coming loose which is another plus.

The heel height for these is the same as all perspex heels around 9.5-10cm with no platform at the front. Sounds quite high but you really don't notice it at all. Perspex heels are my favourite non character heel as they always feel comfy and sturdy so again I'm not concerned when I'm out and about.

I short you can probably tell I really really love these, these have been my favourite none 'collection' in a long time. Rumours on the street is that A/W is going to have more unique shoes than ever. Bring it on!

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