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Welcome to the second installment of the ice cream sundae launch by Irregular Choice. Those of you who read often might have read my first installment of Deckchair Diva (which you can find HERE

I won't bore you all too much with the back ground of the shoes and the collection as I think I covered pretty much everything like that in the first blog, but we will take a little bit more of a detailed look of the shoes.

Originally I wasn't going to do a full blog all about these shoes as I was worried that it was all going to be too similar to the previous post but after trying out the new poll system on our Instagram I decided to go ahead with this one too. 

Arctic Roll came in two very different colours, the purple/blue that we are going to talk about today and a hugely vibrant pink which is almost identical to the pink Ban Joe fabric we reviewed last week.

I was really on the fence about which pair of the two to buy, I loved the blue but then worried I had bought two pairs from the collection with the very same colour scheme. I like to pride myself on normally going for the more outrageous pairs which to me screamed the pink pair, but in the end something just wasn't quite right, I think it might have been the colours of the pom poms but at the time I just couldn't put my finger on it. 

It was an eager wait for the delivery guy (Gary) to arrive, as I was still a little apprehensive about this pair, would I like them as much as the other pair Deckchair Diva. Ordering online can sometimes be a blessing and a curse as I often find seeing real life images hel
ps me more with my decision making.

Taking them out of the box I was so impressed with the colour and sparkle of the glitter which covers the whole shoe. Being completely honest I wasn't blown away with these like I was my other pair but I guess if I had only got these I would have maybe felt differently.

They are one of the pairs that really need to be worn to be appreciated, even now when I look at them on the shelf I sometimes think they don't quite have the wow factor. The second they are on my feet and in front of a mirror I'm convinced they are the best things I have ever seen! 

Something like that doesn't phase me as shoes are always meant to be worn and I would much rather them look great on my feet than on the wall. 

The other thing I was slightly concerned about was the ankle strap. I have had to send back pairs in the past because they don't fit around my ankles and was worried that something like that would be the case here. I'm delighted to say that the strap fits with no problems at all.

Recently I have been really impressed with inclusivity of Irregular Choice's more recent designs, I am able to wear pairs that I never thought possible because the straps are a little longer or the calves are a little wider and I'm buying shoes I wouldn't even have considered a year ago. 

I went for my usual size of UK 6.5 (EU40) in these and was worried they might be a little tight with the pointed toe but they are completely the opposite. There is plenty of room but without the need to size up.  

The heel height on these is 10.5cm but luckily we have a 1.5cm platform which brings them down to a very manageable heel height and if you are used to walking in heels these should be no problem at all for you!

So what did you think? Hopefully this has answered any questions you might have but if not please feel free to drop us a comment over on our Facebook or Instagram page and I will try my best to find the answer. 

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