Arch Enemies - Irregular Choice Toy Story Collection.

Katt Dandy

Ahhhh it is FINALLY Toy Story launch day! Something I've been so excited about now for weeks and weeks. After all the sneak peeks and leaked photos we have finally reached the day where we can see everything in its full glory.

Today I have made the trek over the country and I'm in Lincoln for my FIRST ever Irregular Choice launch. Finally I actually have the shoes in my hands on the day of launch. I've been to Lottie's Atik at launch time tried on as much as I can and rushed back to the hotel to share everything with you as quickly as possible.

It is a quite an extensive collection this time. Not as crazy as the Mickey and Friends range but I really do think there is something there for everyone, with heels, flats, bags and purses. I'm going to bluntly put it out there... where the hell is Slinky Dog? Nothing not even on the box. They have missed a trick here for sure as I would have happily handed over all my wages for some slinky shoes.

Anyway lets move on from that. Lets talk about my favourite pair from my purchases this morning, Arch Enemy. Emperor Zurg trying to take on the mighty Buzz Lightyear in a really exciting character heel.

The second I saw these I knew that I needed to have them, they were everything I was expecting from the Toy Story launch. There seems to be a theme with this launch of everything being different or reversible which is very interesting.

Each shoe of this pair is completely different, on one you have the might Zurg with his own speech bubble 'Surrender Buzz Lightyear I have won!!' and on the other a very cheeky looking Buzz with his own speech bubble 'Not today Zurg!'

Surrounding these two characters are a beautifully stitched galaxy with different coloured planets and stars. What I didn't notice from all the sneak peeks is that these actually light up. They arn't too over the top and as usual you kinda need to stomp a little bit in them to actually get them to flash which is perfect for me.

These are sort of an all singing all dancing pair as not only do they light up but they make sounds too. Now I'm not really one for this if everytime I walk its going to be making a space sound effect but luckily on these for them to make any sort of noise you need to be pushing a button hidden underneath the speech bubble.

I do quite like the fact they they have really tried to make these all out singing and dancing shoes as this is what we expect from Irregular Choice, personally on noises I can take it or leave it but I would love to know what you think about that.

Now onto the best bit of the shoes, the heel. We all know I bloody love a good character heel and I was beside myself when I saw these. Again it is something completely new and this is exactly what I have been looking forward to.

The heels on these are like the children's playing blocks that you would stack up with a different character on each side. On these you have Woody, Buzz, Jessie and Rex. I was hoping above home that you could actually move the pieces round to create a mixture of all characters and I'm so excited to say you can. A couple are a little bit more stiff than others but overall they are great for have a little change every now and again.

Finally onto the box before we talk about sizing and fit. I'm always excited to see a nee box for a launch and this one is super busy. It has so much going on it's hard to know where to look. They have used the a couple of the fabrics from the collection for each of the sections of the box which is quite a nice touch. Buzz and Woody obviously take center stage.

These boxes have reverted back a little to the Star Wars launch and they are not the same as the normal boxes. They are more of a traditional box with a lid which while being quite cool you can see that they suffer the same way as Star Wars with them being easily bashed and broken and fundamentally there isn't anything to keep the lid secure during transit so be prepared to open up shoes that are already making a break out of the box.

Now onto size wise, the bit I'm guessing everyone will be looking out for. Now as you know I'm normally a 40 in Irregular Choice, but on Lottie's recommendation I went with a 39 in these. The ones I tried on in the shop were perfect in a 39, but my brand new pair were a tiny little bit more snug. Not too bad at all but after a wear I think they will fit my feet like a glove. My advice is that if you are in between sizes then size down rather than up!

Heel height wise these are 13cm high but have a comfortable platform of 4cm making them a much more manageable height. I have said it before I will buy anything with these rubber soles as they are so comfortable and these are no exception. I can't wait to get wearing them.

So what did you think? Did you like the collection? What is your favourite pair from the launch? Did you get everything you wanted? I would love to know! Please get in touch via our Facebook or Instagram.

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