Animal Was Here - Bag and Purse

Animal Bag and Purse

Welcome to the second blog post in the series all about the latest The Muppets collection. This is also only the third ever post dedicated specifically to a bag. Normally in collections the shoes are what takes my full focus but as the latest series of collections have been launched I have found I'm starting to love more and more bags.

The advantage to this is you always know you are going to find your size and it will be comfortable! The only disadvantage for me at the moment is display space. I am running at maximum at the moment and the more beautiful bags I love the more I have to try my luck at squashing them all on the top of my display units.

Anyway enough about me, today we are here to talk about my favourite bag from the collection and his little matching purse. Like the Louder Louder heels that we reviewed earlier (HERE) these were the part of the first preview we were treated to from Irregular Choice.

The size and style of the bag is nothing new to us Irregular Choice fans, there was a similar shaped bag in the Mickey and Friends collection aswel as the Frog Prince bag in 2016 but this is my first ever round bag so I didn't quite know what to expect.

I have a full unboxing video over on our Facecook page: HERE and you might be able to tell from the video that I was quite excited about this arrival. As you know I love everything to match which is why I do love the fact that I managed to grab a pair of shoes, a bad and a purse that will all go together seamlessly. Something I didn't quite manage to achieve in the last Mickey and Friends collection.

As for the bag itself, I was really pleased with the size, it's not too big or too small and feels like it could fit everything you would be likely to need inside without it all being too squashed. It comes with an additional strap which can be used over your shoulder or using the fabric at the back of the bag it can actually be transformed into a rucksack.

Now I for one love the idea of being able to carry animal on your back aswel as over your shoulder. The only thing that I wouldn't be sure about is the large handle sticking up from the top of the bag, from what I can see this is not detachable and might look a little weird if your wearing it as a rucksack.

The details on this bag are really brilliant. I love the outrageous feather poking up from everywhere and they have used the same fabric from the Louder Louder heels as the eyebrows and handle. The back of the back in a gorgeous bright orange and is so so soft to the touch its great.

Along the sides is a fabric that is my complete favourite, its a black version on the fabric they used for the inside of the shoes and purse, and I would personally have loved this to been the print for the tissue paper inside the boxes I love it that much.

So aswel as the bag I bit the bullet and managed to grab a matching purse too. In hindsight I think in the flurry of 12pm I didn't really notice that the purse was costing £34.99 which in my opinion is a little steep. Having said that now it is in my hands I am certainly in love with it.

The purse is a good size, and even tho the feathers make it look a little bigger than the others its not too bulky but would have enough room inside to fit cards, coins and a few notes. Personally I love a large purse foe everyday use but this is perfect for me when I go out in the evening or I'm just heading somewhere quickly as it can carry everything I need plus fit in all my handbags.

I think purses are a great addition to collections, it gives those of us who maybe cant spend all that money on shoes a little something Irregular and for those of us who like to have everything matching its a great useful addition to a collection.

So what do you think? I would love to hear what you think over on our Facebook page: HERE and if you don't already, please give us a like as when we reach 3000 we will be doing an Irregular Choice giveaway!

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