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Hello and welcome back to the blog. So sorry I have been relaxed with updating this over the past few months, there honestly has not been enough hours in the day to do everything I need to do so please forgive me.

Those of you who follow the Facebook page will know I am still plodding my way through the 200 Days of Irregular Choice challenge I started on January the 1st. I think that is why I don't realise I have been neglecting this as I am still posting daily over on social media and chatting to everyone who comments.

Anyway enough of the pity part (for now) lets get on with reviewing the newest character heels from Irregular Choice. We all know the story by now. Character heels are the reason I collect Irregular Choice and everytime there is even a hint of a new design I am poised with anticipation.

This time the theme of the moment was Fairies. I was obviously excited as this is something we haven't really seen before from IC but I wouldn't say I was a bit 'Fairy Girl' like I know alot of people are. I don't really own anything with fairies on them so I was worried that it wouldn't be to my taste.

The sneak peek solved that completely, a very dainty little fairy sat on this enormous glittered toadstool. What is not to love? Even though fairies aren't really my 'thing' I can still really appreciate these as a pair of heels. I this this has to be one of the most intricate and detailed painting we have seen on a character heel since the glissade/alice music box shoes.

For this collection we were treated to seven different pairs covering three different styles. Four shoes and three boots. I was torn on which pair of shoes I liked the best but in the end the purple/blue glitter pair won out and I love them.

Now onto the boots. Many of you will know the struggle of any sort of boots/straps/laces for someone like myself who is plus size with very plus size legs! What on earth possessed me to buy the boots I will never know but here we are.

These will have been the tallest boots I own in regards to how far up the leg they go so I wasn't really all that hopeful, but the 3D flowers and amazing mesh design won me over and I couldn't resist. I had to know, I had to try them on and just hope that they were going to be for me.

This design came in three different colours, a shimmering silver, a pale pink and the pair I ended up with a turquoise blue. This colour was an Irregular Choice exclusive and sold out on the afternoon of launch.

I would say that by far this is my favourite design from the collection and one of my favourite pieces from the past few months, even to the extent where I think the heel doesn't really add anything to it! (I bet you never thought I would say that did you) being honest I would have maybe liked to see a simplier character heel with this upper but thats me just dreaming.

So, these boots don't come with any sort of zip or elastic, you just have to try your luck and hope for the best. I think they are designed to be slightly baggy on the leg so easy enough to slip in to.

They arrived pretty quickly as I paid for next day delivery, and the moment on truth was before me. Would they fit. Well this simple answer is no, not even close. I didn't really expect them to but I was incredible disappointed. Opening the box I loved them more then I possible thought and this was just a blow in my dreams of being able to wear them with a pretty floaty dress.

Now for those of you who are on the fence I'm going to give you some important measurements incase you want to try before you go through the heartache of having to send them back. The hole at it's widest part is 14inches and from the bottom of your heel to the top of the boot it is 9 inches tall, so hopefully if you have a tape measure handy you can check you calves.

Heel height wise these are around 12cms tall but come with a handy 3cm platform so work out around the same height as most character heels. I wish I could give you sizing and fit advice but honestly I couldn't get my feet in that far so I have no idea. I hear they are true to size tho which is nice.

In the end I think I have finally made the decision to send these back and maybe treat myself to something else exciting from an up and coming range but I hope you have enjoyed the review, warts and all.

I would love to know what you think and if you enjoyed reading. Please let me know over on our Facebook or Instagram page. Thank you.

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