All about Moi! - Miss Piggy Heels

All About Moi! - The Muppets

Welcome to the third and final blog all about our the recent The Muppets launch from Irregular Choice. I have decided to save the most outrageous for last as I know a couple of you have been waiting to read all about it.

Miss Piggy was the only character heel to feature in the collection although she did come in two very different styles. All about Moi! which we are going to talk about today came in two different colours the black and the pink, and Fierce Piggy which was a leopard print ankle book to die for!

At first glace I was going to go for the pink pair but at the last minuet I felt that the black option would have been a better decision all round. Had the pink been a extra bright fuchsia pink I don't think I could have resisted but the pale colour meant that I would really struggle to team it up with something in my wardrobe.

As a complete lover of character heels I was waiting patiently for this one to be announced, but we didn't really get a chance to see this until launch day. I must admit I would have loved to have seen another character or two in the collection but my bank balance was very pleased there was only one.

The overall design of the uppers is very simple but with all the extra bits and pieces throughout it really makes them a pair to stand out. Over the front of the shoe we have a classic heart with an arrow, these are covered in beautiful beads and surrounded by the most fluffy fabric imaginable.

Over the back of the shoes we have a double ankle strap. I'm never a big fan of ankle straps as they don't tend to fit my feet and I end up having to send the shoes back. I couldn't resist this pair so I thought I would risk it.

I must admit that these are not the easiest shoes to get on at all. Well getting them on isn't the issue it't the double strap. I had to get help to fasten up the pearls on both feet but they did (just) fit on my thick ankles. The strap itself has lots of room on it which is great so I don't feel like I'm squeezing into them as much as I thought.

On each strap we have a different embroidered saying on each foot. On one we have the title of the shoes 'All about Moi' and on the other says 'Too much is never enough' which can always be said about shoes in my opinion. You can never have too much.

The only thing I'm not too sure about it the multicoloured jewels on the side of the shoe. I'm not sure of how they work in relation to the other parts of the shoes and the different colours don't really do it for me. If they were all pink then I would love them but I'm just a little confused by them at the moment.

Now onto my favourite part as always the heel! Missy Piggy is iconic and I'm just so in love with these heels. In my head she is a a mini Marilyn Monroe doing the classic RuPaul pose (Ok I've been watching too much Drag Race) My favourite thing about this is that I can change the skirt! Whoever thought of that was a genius.

I have added a couple of photos so you can see what she looks like with both skirts on but I must say I think my favourite is the silver skirt. I would love to have one in black too but I might have to make one of those for special occasions. I also love the way she looks in just her swimsuit! It's could amuse me for hours!

I went for these in my usual size of UK 6.5 (EU40) and they fit without a problem. The first time I tired them on they were quite uncomfortable but that didn't seem to be the case when I had them on today. I will say that if you are between sizes then I would size up, they feel a little tight on me and I have a higher instep.

The heel height on these is around 11cm with a hidden platform of 1.5cm which makes them around the same height as most other character heels. They don't feel particularly high and if your used to heels then these shouldn't be a problem at all.

So what do you think? Did you buy them? Did you like them?

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