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Here we are again at that time of the month where we are treated to the latest Erstwilder collection. This time tho we have not one but two collections to talk through.

Quite often we are treated to double launch. Half this collection featured some of Erstwilder's favorite pieces but in brand new colours.

The second half is something completely different from them. They have teamed up with fellow...

Erstwilder - Hollywood Glamour.


Hello and welcome to Irregular Thinking! This time we are going to be chatting all about the brand new Erstwilder collection which launches today.

It was only a couple of weeks ago we were treated to an amazing show of a double collection but this time we are changing direction completely.

We are heading back in time to classic Hollywood Glamour!

This was a complete surprise collection for me....

Irregular Choice - Fruit Slice Collection

Katt Dandy

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Hello and welcome to another Irregular Choice launch blog!
I was only two weeks since the last launch but this one is looking alot more like launches we are used to seeing.

It's been a good start to the year for those of you who love a mid/low heel as for the second month in a row Irregular Choice have decided to launch a lower character heel. This is something alot of people in the community have...

Irregular Choice - Daisy Dreams

Katt Dandy

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Hello and Welcome! I'm not going to beat around the bush here. We are going to go straight onto the second blog of 2019 and I'm so so so excited to talk about these.

So a little bit of info around my workflow, normally I start by writing down all the little bits of facts and figured about a pair of shoes get them on my feet and start there. Once my 'inspiration' dries up I head off to take the...

Irregular Choice - Glazed and Confused

Katt Dandy

Hello and Welcome to the first Irregular Choice blog of 2019!

I am so sorry that we have reached March and I haven't given you a single shoe blog to drool over! I'm going to make all the excuses in the world but lets be honest it's not good enough! I will be making it up to you this week with not 1 but two different blogs for you to feast your eyes over.

On the plus side I have been keeping up with...