Irregular Thinking

Erstwilder - A Fuller Bloom


Hello and welcome to another Erstwilder blog!

Halloween is well and truly over at the moment in the brooch world and we have moved on to bigger and brighter things.

It seems not too long that we had a float collection so I was a little worried about what this collection had to offer but I really do think Erstwilder delivered.

This is a huge collection this time with so much variety. 14 Brooches, 2...

You Rubbed... Irregular Choice Aladdin shoes


Irregular Choice Zevra - Zebra Heels.


Hello and welcome to a little bit of an unexpected blog post today. I didn't think I would be coming to you with any more Irregular Choice news until the next Disney launch but here we are.

Irregular Choice surprised us all yesterday morning by launching a mini collection at 9am - on a WEDNESDAY? Very out of sync for them I must say.

I think it took quite alot of people by surprise but for me...

Erstwilder - Halloween 2019


Hello and welcome to one of my favourite Erstwilder blogs of the year.

Yep you guessed it Halloween! It has to be one of my favourite holidays and even tho us in the UK aren't really big on it, it always brings out some of my favourite brooch designs.

Erstwilder always seem to do a really good job when it comes to Halloween so I think I was more excited than ever to have a look at what this...

Irregular Choice Bubble Bath - Rubber Duck Heel


Hello and welcome back to the blog!

You will be pleased to know this is a non Disney launch blog. I know alot of us love Disney but it can get a little bit consuming at times so this one is for all the non Disney lovers out there.

This months launch we are treated to a BRAND NEW character heel! You will all know how much this excites me when this happens and this time is no exception.

Do you want to...